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He was restless, and yet he was a boy."But that first meeting was four years ago – back when Chalamet was 17 and, like Guadagnino, learning that films can take forever to get off the ground.

and it didn't." But he refused to leave a project that spoke so deeply to him.

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They joshed about desperate, predatory cougars, but what they failed to grasp was that her maturity and solvency meant she no longer had to worry about judging men along shallow lines such as bank balance and career status.

Over a series of tranquil, humid days and nights the teenager tries resisting his slowly building feelings for this stranger, who seems too occupied with the local female beauties to notice."He said, ‘This young man, I just signed him – you should meet him because he has the qualities to be Elio,'" recalls Guadagnino.

"It looked like perhaps it was going to come together that summer ...

And then it came to my mind that, in fact, the last three movies I made were all, in a way, different declarations of the concept of desire.(It hits theaters on November 24th.) And when he's asked if he's ever had a comparably whirlwind, sun-splashed fling – one that may have helped inspire his sensual, startling love story – you get the sense that the filmmaker has momentarily left the room.

"I haven't got that experience," says Guadagnino after a moment.

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