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Similar error while attempting to update the Airport Extreme (model A1521) firmware to version 7.7.7. Removed all connections to APE, repeated above steps with identical outcome.After clicking "update" for the APE in Air Port Utility app on my MBP, it looked like it was downloading and then restarting, but then the "error occurred while updating the firmware" message popped up. Checking out the physical APE, it's got a fast flashing amber light on. Attempted to connect ethernet cable to all ports, one at a time, to MBP and then into a port in another router. Removed rubber base from bottom of APE to inspect physical reset button connection with ohmmeter.Perform a "soft" reset per directions on apple support. Button contacts are open when not depressed, shorted when depressed.There is an error that only shows when you’re trying to update the firmware of your phone and it says, “An error has occurred while updating the device software.Use the Emergency recovery function in the Smart Switch PC software.” This error may show up the moment you update your phone or it may occur halfway through.The ONLY interaction with the device, which had up until this point was working flawlessly for years, was through the software Air Port Utility.The only physical interaction came after the firmware update bricked it.It happened after I tried to connect to another Airport while it was installing.The firmware had already downloaded so I thought that was ok.So, if you own a phone like this and are currently bugged by the same issue, then continue reading below as this article may help you.for we have already addressed several common problems with this phone.

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