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You can blame human Wish Fulfillment mentality which romanticizes the exact phase of "getting together with someone" beyond all reason (see also Wanting Is Better Than Having), or writers' inability to portray a relationship convincingly, but there you are.

This may be why even in works far towards the idealistic end of the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs.

Nothing else is as boring to tell as a story of successful love."Hooray! , shouted hurray at their Now or Never Kiss and this is the moment we've all been waiting for! Actually what happens past the climax point of They Do just doesn't get people hooked the same way the anticipation does.

Whole fandoms have been known to run solely on the fuel of shipping vitriol for years on end.

The moonwalk with a spin and 'Hee Hee' is a parody of Michael Jackson's style.

Absent: Robbie Amell as Jimmy Madigan Amanda assigns True to look after a famous supermodel, Dakota North.

True must decide whether to fire Lulu as her assistant after she makes a mistake with one too many of True's projects.

True invites her friends Lulu (Ashley Argota) and Ryan (Matt Shively) to help her out on her first day.

True enjoys the job at first but later sees that most people from the company don't like her ideas and personality.

The series premiered on November 8, 2008 and ended on August 20, 2011, with 60 episodes and 3 seasons.

A girl named True Jackson (Keke Palmer) gets a job as Vice President of the Mad Style Fashion Company.

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