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This is a Black Berry after all and it is all about communication, rather than out-and-out multimedia prowess.The QWERTY keyboard, the best QWERTY keyboard you’ll find on a mobile phone, occupies the bottom half of the front, the 2.44-inch display above offers up a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels.Here too the Black Berry Bold 9780 looks every bit the same as the 9700.The colours have perhaps been changed, our current Bold 9700 has chrome trim running across the bottom of the keypad, up the sides and across the top, whereas our 9780 is all black, so it looks like a stealth Bold.

Step on to the street, and basically, no one will know which device you have.It looks like a smart business tool, which is essentially what it is.Aside from the 5-megapixel camera, the Black Berry Bold 9780 has seen a boost internally to 512MB of memory (over the 256MB previously) as well as a step up to 515MB of RAM.As of June 6th, there will be some new keyboard shortcuts added by a system update.If messaging is what you do, the Black Berry Bold 9780 is a better device than the 9700 thanks to the RAM boost and general tweaking the BB 6 brings.Small numbers, but 236 pixels per inch means it is incredibly sharp.Yes, it will never compete with a 4-inch screen for watching video, but it is sharp, it is vibrant and you can read it in direct sunlight.While you are in message lists, pressing these letters will also cause an action: Want to get to the hub fast?If you long-press the home key, Black Berry Search, Google Now and Black Berry Hub pop up.You don't have to stick with those options, though.You can change the shortcut for the home key with these instructions.

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