Blackberry bold application center updating application list

To recap, you get a QWERTY handset that measures 114 x 66 x 15mm.

It is a little fat by smartphone standards, but at 136g is average weight.

Here too the Black Berry Bold 9780 looks every bit the same as the 9700.

It will either accept the call, decline the call or reply with a text message. To set a shortcut to open an app, select Open app; to set a shortcut to call a contact, select Speed dial; to set a shortcut to send an email or a text message to a contact, select Send message. The keys on the physical keyboard are touch sensitive and can be used like a trackpad.Small numbers, but 236 pixels per inch means it is incredibly sharp.Yes, it will never compete with a 4-inch screen for watching video, but it is sharp, it is vibrant and you can read it in direct sunlight.The keys are slightly less glossy, but we suspect this has nothing to do with design and may just be down to a different finishing process, or simple wear on our existing device.Step on to the street, and basically, no one will know which device you have.There is the 3.5mm headphone jack, Micro-USB connection, volume on the sides, the mute and standby buttons on the top.Around the back you have the faux leather insert in the centre of the plastic backplate and the new 5-megapixel camera and LED flash.The processor is the same 624MHz as we’ve seen previously.Whilst we don’t advocate playing the numbers game for the sake of it, there was noticeable lag dealing with some applications on the Bold 9700.To set this up, go to settings You can take keyboard shortcuts one step further by creating your own. Use these gestures to speed up your typing and scrolling: Instead of copying and pasting as you normally would, you can select and move text on-screen with your fingers.Here's how to set up a long-press or short-press action for any key. On the home screen, touch and hold an empty area of the screen, and then select Settings Keyboard shortcuts from the pop-up menu.2. On the text, press your fingers to the screen, wait until the text is selected and then drag it to where you need it.

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