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I simply glance at this guy and suddenly he’s right next to me. They say looks aren’t everything, but it appears that in Brazil they are. Because of my non-willingness to continue to make out with Christiano, he took that to mean I didn’t like him and slid away.Stopping the makeout session, simply because I needed a bit more verbal communication first, was a real ego bruiser to Christiano.Your approach will be the same as on American girls, and their initial response will be the same as well (sometimes a little aloof), but what’s different in that if the Brazilian girl is feeling your game, things ramp up quickly and within two minutes it will be obvious if things will progress.She will ask you a bunch of questions, ask you to dance, or ask you to come hang out with her friends.And so it begins…Lapa 40 Graus: 1am – downstairs A really not so attractive older looking gentleman starts talking to me.Unless you look like a serial killer, I usually respond to someone trying to talk to me, because you never know what someone will have to say and what you can learn from them, looks aside. Because within three minutes of opening up this fine dialogue, dude’s tongue is suddenly down my throat while I struggle to get free from his embrace.So as my friend and I were touring Rio over the New Year holiday week, we met this friendly Brazilian girl who invited us out to a club in Rio.

The interaction always has to be breezy so no one is showing “too much” interest, whatever too much is.

I begin an all out run for the hills, aka a run to the upstairs bar.10 minutes later – upper floor bar I see a very attractive dark, very tall man a few feet ahead of me. Literally all I can say is “obrigada,” which means “thank you.” We manage to say a quick hello, somehow I glean that he is 6’7”, a personal trainer who works on a cruise line, and he is docked in Rio for the night, and that’s when he is suddenly making out with me too. However, not good enough for me to want to keep doing it. How can you even want to make out with someone without talking to them for at least half an hour?

He sees me looking so approaches (this already shows the stark contrast between the US and Brazil. How does two minutes of basically not talking because neither of us speaks the same language cut it? At one point I asked Christiano where he was staying that night and he gestures to me questioningly, meaning – your place? Okay sweetie, you are hot but I need a little more to go on before that’s going to happen.

He was gone.5 minutes later – walk 10 steps to the right No worries because I’ve got another pursuer.

This guy, Eduardo, spoke better English so we were at least able to communicate.

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