Charlie sheen and heather locklear dating 1st year dating anniversary ideas for him

Now, the couple is back together and taking things slow.

The pair recently vacationed in Hawaii, although they did not stay together and flew separately.

The papers also include transcriptions of phone messages Richards said Sheen left in April 2005. Denise recently made headlines when she tossed a photographer’s laptop computer off of a balcony while filming her new movie “Blonde and Blonder” in Vancouver with Pamela Anderson.

Heather Locklear, Denise Richards and Richie Sambora's dramatic love triangle played out in the press for years, with nasty headlines and backstabbing jabs flying in all directions.

Sheen was ordered to stay at least 300 feet from his estranged wife and their daughters, 2-year-old Sam and 11-month-old Lola, except during supervised visits.

“Over the summer, Heather called Denise over and apologized for how ugly it got in the press when she first started dating Richie," a friend of Heather's tells me. So when Denise and Richie started seeing each other again, Denise didn’t want to move forward unless Heather was OK with it.

Sheen replies, “Well, at least I knew the guy that she wound up with, Richie.

To know that it’s somebody decent and smart and a good parent to be around your children, that’s a good thing.” Richards and Sheen formerly lived in the same Southern California neighborhood as Sambora and his then-wife, Heather Locklear.

On the show, Richards says more than once that Denise Richards has a message for her ex-husband Charlie Sheen: "The gloves are off," she says in the upcoming issue of TV Guide.

"When I keep my mouth shut, [Charlie] continues to fuel [the feud] anyway, so I`m not gonna sit back anymore." The View had something for everyone this morning, but the day began with a giveaway that anyone would love.

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