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Unfortunately, such behaviour seems as ancient as that distant time, yet chivalry is still one of the strongest aspects in how men and women demonstrate their respect towards the other.

Has social m ruined us singles who are hoping to settle down?

“For me it feels like a given,” said Amanda from Andersonville, who always tries to go 50/50 on dates.

“But sometimes if there's a big income difference, I wish I could occasionally let myself be a bit less ideological about it.”The survey also found that almost two-thirds of men wanted women to chip in after a few dates, but also that 75 percent said they felt guilty when they let the woman pay, even if she made more money.

Is there some validity to paying on the first date, am I overthinking this or is there something I am not considering?

This has been bugging me a lot, because I do not want to be a jackass on a date, so I will appreciate any answer.—First Date Quagmire Dear FDQ, It’s a strange custom, isn’t it?

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