Church singles dating

As the party sailed gently down the Potomac River and she danced the night away in his arms, everyone marveled at what a wonderful husband Fred was.

However, just a few years ago, life for Audrey was very different.

Four years afterhe launched the site he met his future wife, Honey, a graduate student in Tennessee.Foster, who wasraised in Colorado, got the idea in 1997 whilesingle and living in Dallas.At the time he was surrounded by a large number of Christian singles, but heknew that would change if he moved back to Colorado.“The widespreadnature of the Internet seemed an ideal medium to connect such a thinly spreadgroup of people like singles in the churches of Christ,” Foster said.The two are engaged and plan to marry after Makarova completesher training.Three women in the Mactan, Philippines,church met their spouses online, said missionary Salvador Cariaga.Others areinvolved in online relationships, many with people outside the Philippines.“Philippines is apoor country.One of the ways out of poverty is to marry a foreigner,” Cariagasaid.Some church members,understandably, are wary about the Internet — a haven for sexual predators.Andwhen it comes to online dating, “everyone has heard some of the horrorstories,” said Mario Tobias, campus minister for the Southside church, Lawrence, Kan.They met in a Christian chat room, exchanged countless instant messages, eventually talkedface-to-face and finally got engaged.It may not soundromantic, but after five years of marriage, Lisa Hyde said she has no regrets.

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