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Others areinvolved in online relationships, many with people outside the Philippines.“Philippines is apoor country.One of the ways out of poverty is to marry a foreigner,” Cariagasaid.Tobias, who is single,said he’s hesitant to tell fellow church members when he meets someone online.“It just feelsuncomfortable,” he said.“And yet, I’ve found that online dating services haveprovided the simplest way to meet others that I would consider dating.“In my presentcongregation, there simply aren’t many other (age) 25-to-35 singles.”Jim Foster had smallchurches in mind when he launched churchofchristsingles .com, a Web site thatallows singles to post personal information and meet other church members.

Three women in the Mactan, Philippines,church met their spouses online, said missionary Salvador Cariaga.

But that attitude ischanging as more and more people meet online.“I wonder what it waslike the first time a child told their parents that they wanted to pick theirown mate,” Woodall said.

“I’ll bet that was looked down on.”As churches graduallyaccept online dating, Foster said that singles tend to lead happier lives — andfind mates — when they learn to accept themselves.

Foster, who wasraised in Colorado, got the idea in 1997 whilesingle and living in Dallas.

At the time he was surrounded by a large number of Christian singles, but heknew that would change if he moved back to Colorado.“The widespreadnature of the Internet seemed an ideal medium to connect such a thinly spreadgroup of people like singles in the churches of Christ,” Foster said.

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