Dating a aries woman

Naturally, Aries women are curious about ourselves. 🙂 That said, this is still going to be just as semi-reliable as everything else you’ve ever read about Aries women.

We’re also careful observers of other people (“perceptive” describes us to a tee). We’re not all candy and kisses, bounced checks (well, most of us are) or flirts. But there are some things that are pretty much dead on in terms of dating. But remember, sun sign is just one part of this massive puzzle of personality and compatibility. First Things First: What Aries Women Like and Dislike Please pass the information from this page on to men you know who are interested in dating Aries women. And most likely, they will NOT accept it in the form of astrology, because like many other aspects of the Aries’ personality, this is just too out there for them.

Both the Leo man and the Aries woman are very strong willed.

Both are used to being in charge, which begs the question – who’s going to be in charge in this relationship?

True to form, I’m the author of this page and I am an Aries.

If you’re reading this, I would happily bet that you are either another Aries woman, or perhaps an Aries man, or a man of any other sign except Taurus and Virgo.

Some women are more like Tauruses (those born closer to April 20), and others are more like Pisces (those born closer to March 21). The Sun is also strongly associated with this sign, which it governs by exaltation. If you are a jerk, in the beginning, we will find you fascinating.

For her part, she appreciates and enjoys her Leo man’s romantic streak and his grand gestures.

He knows how to make her feel special, and even a confident woman wants to know that she is loved.

Either that, or you stumbled upon this page by way of something else, and stopped out of sheer curiosity.

I approach this purely from a personal point of view.

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