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For the most part, marriage customs throughout the Middle East are similar.Each tribe or village might vary the theme a little but nevertheless a general protocol or standard seems to prevail. Those who have studied both the Bible and the modern Arabs will quickly recognize that in many instances there is a striking similarity between the customs and traditions displayed by both.This is especially true where marriage is concerned.And this is not all; we are growing at a healthy pace and intend to serve more and more Muslim in this region of the world.

Yet, if a young man reaches the marriageable age and is not betrothed, it becomes his privilege to ask his father to find for him a wife (Trumbull, p. Hilma Granqvist, who lived in a Palestinian village in the 1920's, noted that when "a young man's own people put off his marriage he is angry". Just how the choice of a bride is made and from among what groups varies throughout the Middle East.With the encroachment of western habits and ideals upon the Middle East, slight but noticeable reformations in what for centuries has been "the way of life" are occurring. Therefore, in order to avoid any distortions that might come from the use of present day research, I have chosen to obtain my information from sources that would be least affected by westernization.These sources include travelers and anthropologists who wrote in the latter parts of last century and the earlier parts of this century before the great influx of western influence upon the Middle East.Truly, the Arab world has come of age and is now truly modern.Today, if a Muslim man in the Middle East is looking for Muslim wife, he doesn’t need to strive hard.You will no longer find Muslims taking a risk or two to date someone they’re interested in or rely on matrimonial agencies to get their marriage arranged.Our website , being a popular Muslim marriage site has been in the forefront in helping these people to find their ideal dating and marriage partners. The website has in it a lot of features for young Muslims to search for their ideal partners.If local tradition permits, he may tell his father or mother of his desires and they may look into the matter for him. Shechem asked his father, Haron, to get him a wife (Gen.However, it is up to the father to see if the matter is a reasonable one (Trumbull, pp. 34:1-4) and also Samson entreated his father to get him a wife (Judges 14:1-3).The Middle East has always had a healthy Muslim and Arab population.But still; the concept of dating and marriage across different communities was considered inauspicious.

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  1. In the twentieth century, dating was sometimes seen as a precursor to marriage but it could also be considered as an end-in-itself, that is, an informal social activity akin to friendship.