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(For any IT newbies or future dateless wonders reading this, the Gang of Four -- Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, and John Vlissides -- authored Design Patterns, a groundbreaking 1995 book on object-oriented development.) The answer is, they didn't; well, not at first.But when they did, they became known as the bad boys (plus protocol) that every man hated and every woman wanted. The Gang's dating design patterns Here are a few of those fabled patterns.

Finally, implemented Interested Listener on date with Sonja with spectacular results.Got up and got dressed in the Decorator suit, then hit the antique stores (Exposed Accelerated Collector).Had brunch with Lucy and Cindy and got Cindy's number, though Lucy called later and asked me to teach her to ski (Big Fat Opening).Yes, folks, they did turn their brilliant minds to solving the problem of geek dating, and they did solve it. These patterns show, even more than the Four's famous book, the genius of their pattern knowledge and the superiority of the scientific approach to social paired programming.John Vlissides, member of the Gang of Four and co-author of Design Patterns , passed away on Thanksgiving Day, and those who knew and appreciated him have added to his wiki.My interaction with him occurred leading up to and during OOPSLA 2004, the 10th anniversary of the publication of the Design Patterns book.Encouraged by John, I took my Dating Design Patterns book concept to the medium of live theatre at that event.This is a recurring pattern in my life, ostensibly perpetuated by my pocket protector which Martin insists puts women off, and by my utter refusal to engage in interests outside of writing classic books on architecture.The larger patterns embed them, and the patterns of the same size that surround it, and the smaller patterns which are embedded in them, and so on like those Russian stacking doll thingies, form a complex pattern mini-architecture.On John's wiki, there are several allusions to his role as Jimmy the Freshman, and a couple pictures of him in a fabulous propeller beanie hat.To explain this to people who might not understand why he was dressed this way, to show what a good sport John was to not only tolerate the design patterns spoof but to encourage it, and just for fun, I've put together this story of just what Dating Design Patterns are about.

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