Dating in solomon islands

Many secondary schools provide practical training in fields such as agriculture and development studies.

There are several teacher-training schools and a technical institute, as well as a campus of the University of the South Pacific in Honiara. Crafts are promoted by the Solomon Islands National Museum, established in 1969 in Honiara, and dances and music are regularly performed.

Tourism has been developed but is not a major source of income.

Solomon Islands’ main resources, fish and timber, have been exploited excessively, which has resulted in their depletion.

Solomon Islands, country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.

It consists of a double chain of volcanic islands and coral atolls in Melanesia.

The 2007 earthquakes and tsunami caused further economic setbacks.

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The islands have significant reserves of bauxite (on Rennell Island) and phosphates (on Bellona), and some gold has been extracted on Guadalcanal.

Aola Bay, Viru Harbour, and Graciosa Bay are used mainly for log exports.

Interisland shipping is operated both privately and by the government.

The government-owned Solomon Airlines provides domestic and regional air service.

Ports handling overseas cargoes include Honiara, Tulagi (the former capital), and Gizo Harbour.

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