Dating sites for juggalettes

like i said, im a weird guy, but im kind an im honest, an loyal, belive it or not, an if you dont, allow me to prove it, cuz determination is an important feature in yes, i am bi, my male type is very particular, im versitile, but mostly a bottom, females on the other hand im alot more open an less picky, i am bi but alot more strait than gay i guess, altho i do require an open minded woman///// not sayin we or i have to swing,, but ya gotta be willin to play both sides if ya know what i mean, alil dominate of a woman///////// um anyway ill update more later when i know what to say :pim unique, an very lmao…im a blend of subcultures an genra of american society, i listen to all forms of music so ive integrated it into my personality– the first thing people realize is that i am a juggalo ((horrorcore//gorehop)) an i represent an support the juggalo family as if they were blood, so if your looking to fall in love,, i hope your a ninjah like that whoop whoop : D but im also a heavy punker from the burbs of cali an got this whole gutterpunk thing goin for me, with a side of ska-kid // rasta-head from hangin with theese oc surfer types,, which reminds me kingspade all day friendly :p ,, granted i still listen to depeche mode an duran duran an berlin along with 80s metal like guns-n-roses ozzy ac/dc ect ect ect so im a toss up reallyhaha im a pretty open book really so ask an ill tell is my rule, but if you dont ask youll never know, i have an amazing ability to dance around subjects without you even realizing it… well i am a furry,, foxx obviously :p A few people have asked if I have a personal tumblr, and I do have one now - it’s right here. i like going to concerts, going bowling, shopping, going to the beach, movies, bonfires, beirut, family get togethers, cookouts ect.This has absolutely nothing to do with juggalos and will only be of interest to people who enjoy Happy Endings gifs and pictures of tights. i work full time and currently live at home but am looking for a new apartment with one of my friends.They look around and see other people like them who make bad objectively bad decisions, and think it's okay to make bad ones of their own.It's pretty interesting when you sit down and think about it, really.Country is a close third, but like i said before i enjoy all music well except jazz!

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However, you can make the same stupid argument that nobody enjoys it because consuming an excess quantity of it wouldn't be fun.

Because they have each other, they don't need to become "normal" to find happiness.

It's good that these people can find acceptance, however, I feel like they use their acceptance as an excuse to justify behavior.

I am currently filing for divorce but please don’t let that scare you…I’ve always put 110% into the relationships I’m in but i never get it back all i want is for some one willing to get to know the real me and to give me a chance to share all the love I have and to give me love in return …

If your interested in me you have to like kids though because they are my everything. I also Love love love to sing but i usually only do that in the car haha. and hopefully have a long career in the beauty industry.

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