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OK, that’s all, only juggalo-related posts from now on, I swear on a stack of ICP albums. im not afraid to be myself, i tend to not care what other people think but at the same time im respectable of what im dressing for.I need a date to the Gathering of the Juggalos so hit me up if you’re down. Love my family and friends, video games, music and movies. I’ve messed up a lot but have been screwed over even more. I’m gonna keep it real I’M NOT HERE LOOKING FOR A F%CK BUDDY SO STOP F%CKING ASKING!!!!!I’m 5'11" with blonde hair and Blue eyes, and I’ve got curves for miles… I’m looking for some one who wants to talk to me for whats on the inside not just whats on the outside there’s so much more to me then the way i look dig deep and you may find some one u really like :) I have 2 children a 3 year old daughter and a 1 year old son both of there fathers went after something “better”.Because they have each other, they don't need to become "normal" to find happiness.It's good that these people can find acceptance, however, I feel like they use their acceptance as an excuse to justify i said, im a weird guy, but im kind an im honest, an loyal, belive it or not, an if you dont, allow me to prove it, cuz determination is an important feature in me.

Since the world has brushed these people off (for good reason, maybe) they find solace among each other. To juggalos, it's more than just a band, it's a community, a movement, a place where they can feel like they are accepted. They chalk it up to being misunderstood, and the only people who understand are people like them.

I love the outdoors camping, bonfires, quads (passenger only lol),and Motorcycles.

I love to kick it and party wen the opportunity irises.

Anyone ever slam 50 beers and then think, damn, I'm glad I did that?

Anyone ever eat a whole chocolate cake and then think, damn, I'm glad I did that? Anyone who runs around with clown make up on is not worthy of any respect.

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