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Pisces make profound artists of all types because they possess great, vivid imaginations.That powerful creativity is often expressed in music, literature, drama and art.Main positive personality traits: Uncommon ability to instinctively respond to given situations; compassionate; understanding; artistic, sacrificing. They don't do well in highly structured or regimented situations and generally buck convention.Pisces can be so emotional, needy and intense that they can end up being a real drag to people around them.They are generous, amiable, positive natured people with a deep sense of kindness and compassion.Pisces are highly tuned in to everything around them including the feelings of others.

Pisces have an intrinsic love of water, and are particularly well-suited towards jobs that keep them near the sea.Pisces are socially popular because of their easygoing and likable manner.They have an uncanny sense of perceiving what a person wants or needs, and delivering it.My parents know that I am honest, responsible and independent.They appreciate my concern for them and my younger brothers well- being.Pisces excel in situations where they can leverage their imaginative and intuitive nature. Pisces are often intensely interested and skilled at a wide variety of things and tend to learn by absorption as opposed to logic.Pisces are loyal, family oriented, kind and giving. Pisces have an uncanny ability to nurture and support which is directly related to their powerful intuition.When Pisces find the right situations, they are capable of some incredible deeds.Pisces completely and wholly engage in a chosen path, to the exclusion of everything else.Pisces can be deeply affected by and completely absorbed into their environment.Pisces adapt well to their circumstances, both good and bad.

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  1. Dan heeft hij je afgeschreven als iemand die niet in zijn omgeving past. Zorg dat je er zo veel mogelijk als hen uitziet, in de kleding die je draagt en hoe jij jezelf verzorgt.