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They use the United Nations to attack Israel which is the only democratic state in the Middle East where Christians are free and women are not considered citizens in rank.

In the last two years Benjamin Netanyahu cut 90% of Israeli aid to the UN after U.

Well, Chow may not be “homeless,” but he’s definitely been afflicted by the same foot-in-mouth disease that’s famously infected SEIU’s Dave Regan.

Western countries should follow Israel - Cut all funding & Announce Withdrawal From U. Christians are brutally persecuted in the Islamic Republic of Iran.Pastors are jailed for no reason, no reason other than for being Christian leaders.The religious have been preying on the weak for a very long time, and they are very sophisticated.When you are cold and alone the allure of an all loving, all forgiving, forever completely attentive caregiver is hard to beat.No religion is allowed to exist in Saudi Arabia except Islam, anyone who leaves Islam is executed.Pakistan is the worst country for Christians to live in. I've been hitting Musonius Rufus pretty hard lately, using Cynthia King's excellent translations.For me a good place to start is the Enchiridion, Meditations, and Rufus. I'm not saying that we 21st century Stoics should blindly follow him*, but it does make for some interesting introspection.No more free housing and welfare benefits for illegal immigrants until there is not one British left sleeping on the street. Britain must cut all aid to the Palestinians and the UN. General Assembly elected Qatar, Congo and Pakistan to its top human rights body, joining existing members such as Saudi Arabia, China, Cuba and Venezuela.[Under Main] Britain, the US and Australia should stop funding the UN. Countries that practice Sharia laws have been chosen to be human rights watchdogs.

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