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I know some of you may be thinking, what husband-like expectations do some women actually place on their boyfriends? That includes paying bills that you created, buying groceries, placing the responsibility of taking care of your child/children on him when he’s not the father…just to name a few.While there is nothing wrong with a man doing these things for his significant other (girlfriend), especially if he volunteers to do it out of the kindness of his heart, we should know not to expect these and other husband privileges from a man who has not put a ring on it.BDSMdating once was the number onedating site for men, women, couples and shemales searching for BDSM dating only.However, we developed into one of the leading Fetish Dating Sites during the years, offering everything from Candle Wax Fetish to Foot Fetish to Voyeurism Fetish.We are one of the leading fetish dating sites for thrilling BDSM chat, exciting BDSM dating and easy BDSM sex.Basic BDSM chat rules How to find BDSM shemales The basics of BDSM sex Why you should sign up for fetish dating BDSM dating - For those who like it a little different BDSMdating - #1 for a BDSM chat, BDSM dating and BDSM sex - is part of a large dating network.

And as a girlfriend, it is not your job to give him husband privileges to try to convince him that you are wife material, because no matter what you do or don’t do, if he wants to marry you he will.

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And keeping these boundaries in mind and practice will allow women to focus more on getting to know a partner for who he is to her at that particular time in her life, rather than focusing on how he would be as a husband. By learning and understanding your role as a girlfriend.

As a girlfriend, your purpose in your boyfriend’s life is to be a companion and friend.

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