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Have old hobbies taken a back seat since having kids?

Dust off that whittling knife (or knitting needles, or fly rod, or basketball) and dive back in.

And when parents exemplify fulfillment defer from romantic relationships entirely, children will have strong role models for leading rewarding lives of their own.

If you want your children to live rich and satisfying lives, filled with learning and excitement, there is no better way to reinforce that wish than pursuing the same for yourself.

No longer eating with your children every day or tucking them into bed every night can wreak havoc on emotions.

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Make it a goal to dine alone at your favorite restaurant, one that does not necessarily have to be kid-friendly.Whatever the advice, good or bad, determining when you are ready to start dating again after a divorce or separation is an individual journey that often has no clear set of requirements.One first step, however, will be the important task of once again becoming comfortable with being alone. After a split, many co-parents must complete the delicate operation of disentangling their social lives from their former partner's.Whatever your motivation for “dating” yourself, make sure to have fun with it.a Love Links, a leader in the online dating industry, is proud to sponsor The Dating Wizard's "Secrets to Success with Women" Contest.Pursuing activities that focus on your own happiness can help by providing some recalibration.In the long run, it may also help your children by giving them a role model for personal growth and fulfillment.SKOUT has received million in investment from Andreessen Horowitz and has been funded by early-stage investors including Jan Brandt, former vice chair of AOL; Jarl Mohn, founding president and CEO of Liberty Digital; and Hans Akerblom, founder and chair of Scandinavian Leadership AB.The dating landscape is always in flux, and many co-parents will receive no small amount of well-intentioned advice from family and friends.Winner will be announced and contacted within 5 days of contest end.Entrants must enter this contest online abiding by the contest entry rules as detailed at: Lee says "a Love Links has been very fortunate to provide weekly advice articles from The Dating Wizard for 5 years that actually help men to identify and understand their weaknesses in meeting and dating women, and teach men how to correct these issues and enhance their strengths.

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