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Suddenly he stopped pumping.“Oh, Baby that was so good.

” His thick meat stick kept spasming and jerking in my mouth and hands.

He began to piston his big dick into my mouth, faster and faster.

”Suddenly both of his hands held my face tightly while he quickly fucks me in the mouth.

His mouth feels wonderful.my…dick.”Tony seemed to be in a trance.

“Well it looks like Tony has a new friend.”They were both chuckling.“He is good Baby. Something about her calling me a faggot that really turned me on. I had to hold his massive dick with both hands, attempting to control it before it gagged me.

Tony, hon, show Pat what a man’s prick looks like.” “Okay, babe,” Tony said in a choked up voice. Looking directly into my eyes, he slowly undid his belt, then unzipped his pants. Well when that giant rigid prick popped up I thought my heart had stopped. It had to be at least 10 inches long and three inches thick.

But his dick is so small that I really don’t get that good deep-in-my-cunt fucking that I need. Proudly, he pulled the underwear down his legs to his ankles.

I was just praying that he wouldn’t get violent because I was sure he could kick my ass very easily. That started to change the night we ran into Tony at the bar. Apparently Tony’s family kind of ran out of money and he had to transfer to a state school in Indiana. It was a bit awkward for me but I tried to be open-minded.“Why don’t you come back to our place for a drink? ” Martha whispered in his ear.“Sounds good to me.”Actually I was relieved to be leaving the bar and the humiliation of her pawing this guy in front of everybody. ” The thought of disobeying her, defying her, crossed my mind. As if I had entered some strange dream world, I stood up in front of Martha and Tony. With shaking hands, I unbuckled my belt, then undid my zipper and pulled down my pants. Make him feel at home, Patrick.” I wasn’t sure how Tony felt about another man touching him. You have a beautiful prick.” Then his hand was behind my neck. I have a small penis, about four inches in length, when hard. He always wears panties.” I pulled the panties down quickly to my knees. Now let me just preface things here by telling you that Martha is extremely attractive. Anyway, she was definitely In Charge in the relationship and that’s the way I liked it. I knew going into the relationship that she was very unconventional and I liked that. Now a lot of guys who had only been engaged for three months would have blown a gasket at the way she swooned over seeing this guy Tony. Martha and I were out having drinks at a local college bar when she ran into an old boyfriend. Never have I been so humiliated in my life.“Martha!

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