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Drenth How the ENFP presents and functions in relationships depends in large part on his or her stage of personality type development.I have known several ENFPs, for instance, who continue to associate with the religious tradition of their youth (Si), subscribing to its tenets and even regularly attending services.They may give lip service to certain Si values, while living in a way that seems to contradict those values.

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Unfortunately, they may later come to regret their failure to grant themselves more time to fully flesh out their Ne-Fi values and interests prior to making such huge commitments.Compatible perspectives on family, children, politics, religion, etc.are also important to ENFPs, as they are in most relationships.Ideally, ENFPs would exercise patience in young adulthood, allowing their Fi values to emerge over time.With exposure to different cultures and ideas, they can gradually use and develop their Fi, clarifying their identity and preferred course in life.Namely, do they want a more traditional lifestyle and relationship or a less conventional one? Their Ne-Fi combination relishes the opportunity to compare and experience diverse cultures.Perhaps more importantly, as they go about their travels, there is a sense in which they hope to find themselves.Early in their type development, ENFPs may be attracted to the stability and consistency of SJ types (i.e., ESTJs, ISTJs, ISFJs, ESFJs), especially those who display similar values and worldviews.This is due to the fact that SJs outwardly embody the ENFP’s own inferior function (Si), which they instinctively sense is an important element in their journey toward wholeness. This produces a curious admixture of openness and unconventionality (Ne), on the hand, and a concern for the familiar and traditional (Si), on the other. Early in their development, ENFPs struggle to negotiate a balance between their dominant function, Extraverted Intuition (Ne), and their inferior function, Introverted Sensing (Si).

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