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While attending Georgia Tech, Loudermilk served a tour in the Navy, and earned his business degree from the University of North Carolina, before accepting a job with the Pet Milk Company, then, later, the pharmaceutical and chemical giant Pfizer.It was while working for Pfizer during the early 1950s, that Loudermilk came across a small North Carolina store that rented furniture and other merchandise.Eager to strike out on his own, Loudermilk drew on the concept and started a rental business in 1955, borrowing 0 from Trust Company Bank, while a partner invested another 0.His first order was for 300 chairs to use as rentals for an auction.The car will be shipped insured to your location with DAS and you will have 5 days for inspection. Since I’ve been scouring Craigslist, Autotrader and dealerships for a car, I had sent out several emails. So a couple of hours later, I got yet another response, for an Acura I asked about. Here’s an excerpt: The 1999 Acura TL is in perfect working condition.This detailed vehicle makes the exterior look like it just came off the assembly line….It has 44k miles and the VIN is: 4T1BE32K03U655388.

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Suddenly, the person is a Seargent in the Army in England selling a car. Here is the web page: You can click on it or copy and put it in your Internet browser (i recommend to copy it in case it doesn’t work by clicking on it).2000 HONDA Accord EX V6 LEATHER SUNROOF 200 Horse Power V6 Automatic Transmission Naples Gold Metallic Exterior Soft Plush Leather Interior In Dash CD Radio Remote Entry …Perfect Car Fax History…No accidents no damage no problems… I excitedly emailed the contact and asked to make an appointment to see it. You will make the payment to e Bay and they will hold the money until you receive the car. With 116k miles, that’s at least 00 below Kelley Blue Book! Here are the pics of the car : As I know that my current situation is pretty special I want the deal closed only through e Bay’s Buyer Protection Program in order for you to be 100% protected.To begin the transaction I’ll need your full name and shipping address.I will forward the details of our transaction to Worldpay and then you will receive an invoice from them. Both cars advertised at incredible prices at about ,900, both seller’s names are Robert, both are willing to ship from out of the area for free, both are in the military, both use photobucket to post pictures …I put an excerpt here, but I’m sure you can figure out what the rest says: Date: Thu, Subject: 2001 Honda Accord Hello and sorry for my delay, The 2001 Honda Accord is in perfect working condition.This detailed vehicle makes the exterior look like it just came off the assembly line…blah, blah, blah…One month ago, my wife moved here with me and brought the car with her, but now we have to sell it back in US because we can’t register it here; it has US specs and everything, and registering it here in Europe will take for ever. If you will take it for this price, I am willing to handle the shipping.It will be shipped from here by plane with US Air Military Cargo so it will not cost me anything. Parra” and asked him whether the car will pass the smog check for California.It was never involved in any accident, not even minor ones…mechanically, it runs like a cat on carpet….I signed up for US military forces and I was sent here with my department to improve the military relations between our country and UK….blah, blah, blah…

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