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She spends ages blow-drying her hair to make sure it is perfect, and she always looks immaculate.

She spends a lot of time on her skin, using a face wash and moisturiser.' Annalie says Olivia is very conscious of what she eats and of the need to be slim.

'She is extremely grown-up for ten, and has very definite ideas about her own style.

'If you're constantly measuring yourself up against an impossible image and being made to desire emotions for which you are simply not ready, then I am very concerned about the level of anxiety and depression these young people may face.

'It is a ticking time bomb for the future.' Though many people will be disturbed that these girls are so mature - and even precocious - parents like Dawn feel their daughters' obsessions are harmless and fun. 'She really cares about looking her best at all times, and she's always wanting new things,' says Dawn.

'It does worry me that people often take her for 13 or 14. Bob Reitemeier is chief executive of the Children's Society, which recently reported on a two-year study into childhood in the UK.

And she's so independent, I can't tell her anything.'Georgie - a charming, beautiful child - is already ambitious and wants to be a model when she grows up. 'There's no doubt that we are putting so much pressure on our children today to grow up too quickly,' he says.

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