Google reader not updating rss feed

Today, there are still a number of great RSS tools that are actively being improved, apps you can use to follow your favorite sites—from powerful crowd favorites like Feedly to simple Chrome extensions like Feeder.Whether you want a simple app for consuming news on the go, or a powerful tool that archives the best content from hundreds of sites, there's an app here for you.Feedly is designed to be a simple way to build your own newsfeed about your favorite topics.Just search for a favorite site's name to follow it, or look up a topic to follow related stories.You can even switch to the different layouts with keyboard shortcuts to jump from a dashboard with all of your feeds to a clean reading view.

In the years since Google Reader died, a wide range of RSS feed reader apps have come and gone.

There's two main types of RSS readers: online RSS services, and native RSS apps.

The former run automatically in the background, finding new articles as soon as they're published.

It's continued to be popular and is one of the first RSS reader apps you'll hear mentioned if you ask people how they follow sites today.

It's not hard to see why—its clean and simple interface is a perfect solution for the casual reader who wants to see all of their websites in one place.

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