Harry styles dating old women

Childhood pal Will Sweeney told The Sun newspaper: ' We'd act like complete idiots in public.

Harry would go into [British supermarket chain] Tesco, pretend he had Tourette's and walk around screaming and shouting.

But the thing that made it particularly tricky reading was the fact that Celeste is clearly a paedophile.

There’s no middle ground (insomuch as you might think it’s possible to have one), there’s no moral hand wringing on her part, and she isn’t pursued by a particularly mature 16-year-old for whom she feels a very real connection.

as declaring at a Brit Awards after party: "I'm through with older women."The boyband member confirmed his split from Flack in January, though they continued to be romantically linked.

That’s why it’s shocking and that’s the point – the author makes it clear that Celeste is a paedophile, and a predator, because, as a reader we’re looking for any intimation that she’s as much a victim as the boys she abuses, that it isn’t really abuse because they enjoyed it, or that it can’t really be abuse because she’s 26 and the boys in question, at 14 or 15 aren’t that much younger than her.

Indeed (SPOILER ALERT) despite the blatantly predatory nature of her relationship with the boys she abuses, and despite the catastrophic chain of events that eventually lead to her arrest, Celeste’s lawyer is able to argue that she is as much a victim of the scenario as they are – an argument that is carried in no small part by her own relative youth and good looks.

She doesn’t feel the need to justify it because for her, that’s all there is. Reading the book is a particularly skin crawling-experience.

Yes, it’s unusual in that the main female character is so unapologetically obsessed with her own lust and sexuality – in fact it’s the driving plot point throughout.

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