Importance of validating an interactive user form

A good example of this is the different information needed to pay by Visa/Mastercard vs Switch.Switch payments require a start date and issue number whereas Visa/Mastercard payments do not.

Validation should also be set for required, max / min length or patterns for known data such as UK post codes.A lighter version is to store data in your forms package where it can be searched and filtered, viewed, amended and exported.Automatic emails can be sent from forms packages with specified data.Our focus is on ensuring clients fully utilise their GOSS solutions and to maximise return on their investment to build engaging content and strategy for websites and intranets.GOSS offers a range of forms courses for every level from beginner to developer.Ensure error messages refer to the data required rather than being vague such as "Error".Where possible, validate data on the website by ensuring email addresses or dates are in the correct pattern.And the best part is that it can all be done in real time for live user testing.Submitting a form should trigger a business process. This can be complex but the internal complexity can lead to excellent customer journeys.Often overlooked is the importance of statistical analytics so that forms can be refined and enhanced.Google Analytics tracking code can be dragged onto a form that sends events to Google Analytics.

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