Importance of validating an interactive user form who is cassi davis dating

Forms should be designed for "mobile first" as this will make them user friendly. This may sound obvious but asking for exactly the right information will help the user by telling them what you want.

It also helps you by ensuring the data is ready to be processed once you receive it.

Often overlooked is the importance of statistical analytics so that forms can be refined and enhanced.

Google Analytics tracking code can be dragged onto a form that sends events to Google Analytics.

Websites should be responsive, so that the site re-scales smoothly to all devices, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

It will also reduce automated spam as they won't pass validation.

Most data types can be added to a good form via backend integration.

A lighter version is to store data in your forms package where it can be searched and filtered, viewed, amended and exported.

Automatic emails can be sent from forms packages with specified data.

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