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It seemed that in the turmoil of all that tragedy, poetry helped people cope with emotions that they otherwise struggled to grasp.

Fortunately, they managed to turn the tables and escape, with Geoffrey even rescuing Hamlin from being crushed by a falling robot. He then accompanied the group in the attack on the final substation, infiltrating the installation by using hang gliders.

When their vessel was shot down by Overlanders, Ian perished. and he recruited former members of the Royal Secret Service into the group before leading them east to begin preparations for Naugus' return and Robotnik's downfall. he ran into none other than Sally Acorn, who had just set an explosive device in one of Robotnik's facilities.

Naturally suspicious due to his years of training, Geoffrey held her at crossbow point up until the bomb went off, knocking them both off their feet with the explosion.

Your face itself seemed to be walking, leading your body north, though the age of the face, blank and ashen, passing forth and away from me, was unclear, the sandy crown of hair powdered white like your feet, but Contents History Childhood A young Geoffrey in front of his father A young child during the last years of the Great War. John, who had instilled a sense of duty and honor into the young Geoffrey. (St H: #233 ) Rebel Underground Geoffrey established the Rebel Underground towards the latter end of Robotnik's dictatorship, determined to strike a blow for his kingdom, for his lost father, and for his new master: Ixis Naugus.

The last he saw of his father was during the Great War, when Ian departed on a mission to transport Queen Alicia Acorn and her son Prince Elias Acorn to Angel Island for their protection. The idea for this organization came from notes stolen from Armand D'Coolette.

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