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I guess Vicky figured that if she had to sleep with Hef, they should all have to sleep with him.” Kendra: “I had to be very drunk or smoke lots of weed to survive those nights – there was no way around it.” 2. Holly: “We were constantly reminded that the show was ‘s show – our contributions were irrelevant. According to our boyfriend, he could have splashed any three blondes on-screen and found instant success.” Kendra: “The crazy thing about television is that you are rarely allowed to grow.

You are molded into a character based on some of your strongest traits, and you are forced to stay that way for your entire television life.” 3.

It seemed to me that she made it her mission to lure every new Playmate up to the bedroom to pay their dues.

“ But I have been married and have children and wasn’t, am not, interested in doing it again.Barbi hadn’t had that and wanted it.” That first go-round for Hef was with wife Mildred Williams, a Northwestern University student he married in 1949.According to , Williams cheated on Hefner prior to the pair’s wedding day, so allowed for an open marriage during her 10 years with Hef.Despite the unconventional setup, they had two children: daughter Christie and son David. “ He’s got a real special feeling for this one,” a friend told PEOPLE in 1982.“ She’s bright, beautiful, and big,” That didn’t mean marriage was on Hef’s mind.“I only regret not marrying Barbi because it finally led to our going separate ways,” Hugh told PEOPLE in 1980.“But I have been married and have children and wasn’t, am not, interested in doing it again.She came on so aggressively I worried she might hit me. I’d seen some girlfriends resort to throwing punches over things as trivial as someone cutting the bathroom line at a nightclub.” Kendra: “During that first season, Bridget, Holly, and I continued to keep our distance, except when we were filming.We did our thing off camera, and there was an unspoken competition for camera time when the cameras were around.I’d get a text message from a girl that read, ‘Having so much fun in Vegas. Partying with all these football players,’ and that was devastating.I felt so trapped and angry when I was missing out on something good.” 7.

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