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Sales staff often have to write letters to vendors and clients.We have several sales letter templates available for download.Requests to add or remove documents from an employment file should be submitted to the Records and Data Coordinator in University Human Resources.Some of the forms and documents in this category include sales sheets, order sheets and client organizational forms.You can send an updated resume and/or essay to [email protected] will include that in an information packet sent to recommenders.If you're using a screenreader, please see our accessible Updating Recommendation Letters Form.

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Work Schedule Template Any company with employees will need to create a work schedule for each week and often require a schedule for ...Electronic records are accessible at any time through the HR/Payroll system.Authorization to Verify Employment or Release References Employees may use their personal credentials to review their own records at The Work Number by logging onto and using 17727 as the employer code.It is our understanding that, in general, medicals schools prefer to see letters of recommendation that have been dated within the current application year.To update an existing letter of recommendation in your file, first check with your recommender to make sure they are willing and able to write an updated letter.Student employees must submit a consent form if they wish employment information to be released by the University to The Work Number.University Human Resources (UHR): UHR will maintain employee files and records in a manner that ensures confidentiality and will not permit individuals inside or outside of the University to view an employee's personnel file unless a written release has been provided by the employee or such access is required by law or by the Office of the General Counsel.Employee Access to Their Employment Files Employees may review any paper employment files or records during business hours by requesting an appointment with the Records and Data Integrity section of University Human Resources.Normally, 24 hours prior notice will be required for employees to view their personnel files.Employment File: An employment file, or record, may be maintained in paper or electronic format, or both.It includes but is not limited to information related to an application for employment, performance appraisals or reviews, documentation of disciplinary action if any, records of transfer, promotion or job change, compensation history and other similar information.

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