Letter updating a file

Verifications of employment or income by a third-party should be directed to The Work Number.

Employees must submit a written request and release form (including a hold-harmless clause) if they wish to authorize the release of information in their employment record to respond to reference requests made by parties outside of the University.

Electronic records are accessible at any time through the HR/Payroll system.

Authorization to Verify Employment or Release References Employees may use their personal credentials to review their own records at The Work Number by logging onto and using 17727 as the employer code.

Then, fill out the form below with the names of all recommenders who have agreed.

We will send an email to these recommenders along with a copy of their previous letter and instructions on completing the letter update process.

As required by FERPA, student workers must complete a consent form before Brown will transmit employment and payroll data to The Work Number.

Employment File: An employment file, or record, may be maintained in paper or electronic format, or both.

It includes but is not limited to information related to an application for employment, performance appraisals or reviews, documentation of disciplinary action if any, records of transfer, promotion or job change, compensation history and other similar information.

Employment files are the property of the University.

Files and records will be maintained in confidence except as access is necessary for the business needs of Brown and as disclosure may be required by law.

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