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He was placed under intensive care in a critical condition at the Alfred Hospital and had surgery for his head and spinal injuries.

By April 2012 he had recovered enough to give interviews and resume work duties.

Meldrum has earned a reputation as a champion of Australian popular music both in Australia and internationally; his contributions have been acknowledged with an Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Award for "Special Achievement" in 1993, and the "Ted Albert Award" in 1994 at the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) Awards.

Music journalists, Toby Creswell and Samantha Chenoweth describe him as "The single most important person in the Australian pop industry for forty years" in their 2006 book, 1001 Australians You Should Know.

In an early "Humdrum" segment, Meldrum told viewers to "Go out and buy it" when reviewing an album.

Shrimpton was furious, since ABC policy prohibited direct endorsements, so "do yourself a favour" became Meldrum's standard recommendation.

By social networking and building a list of industry contacts, Meldrum was able to cover many facets of the local scene; his gossip columns informed not only general readers but also other musicians and, according to Frazer, they were the major reason people continued reading Go-Set.

Australian musicologist, Ian Mc Farlane, described Meldrum's "Humdrum" as "a riot of non sequiturs and unjustified hyperbole.

The series gave early exposure to, and generated breakthrough Australian hits for, international artists including ABBA, Meat Loaf, Blondie, Boz Scaggs, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, and Michael Jackson; sometimes years before they became international stars.

When providing an album review he would often hold the album awkwardly in front of the cameras with lights glaring off its surface making it difficult to see.

In 2014, Meldrum was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame, together with his TV show, Countdown, he became the first non-artist to receive the accolade.

Earlier that year he published his autobiography, The Never, Um...

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