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The main take away message I believe, is the following. Which means that if you were to take a statin for thirty years you could expect to live about two months longer. Assuming, and this is a big assumption, that none of the trials done have been in any way biased towards statins.

Statins do not prevent fatal heart attacks and strokes. They delay them by about one or two days per year of treatment. Even though every single one was funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

They calculated, approximately, a single day of increase in life expectancy for each year of taking a statin.

Slightly more in secondary prevention, slightly less in primary (people who have previously had a heart attack or a stroke). You can, to be generous, add a maximum of two days per year to life expectancy.

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For those who have read my books you will know that I have regularly suggested we get rid of the concept of ‘. Further assuming that any benefits seen in the trials will continue for the next twenty-five years.

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