Lotus notes local replica not updating

, Everything was working fine and still is working fine except for one user, who is unable to receive e-mails sent to public group.Let me Further Explain: We have Public Groups in our Address Book where all users are added, When I look into the addressbooks group - the user exists within that group, but when ever anyone sends an e-mail out to All Pub Lic Group This one particular User doesnt receive the e-mail.

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Always use the button at the bottom of the user list to display the pop-up, and select the group members from that list.

-Created a new group with "USER-A" in it and few more users as well (Group Type : Multi Purpose) and user receives emails from the new public group -Tried "Trace Entire Path" mail and that particular user doesnt show in the returned email traced -Problem noticed with existing Public Groups for only this user "USER-A" I hope this is as clear as possible regarding my issue.

What is the value of the Names= entry on one of the sending PCs?

Press F9 to refresh the view, then copy and paste the backup into the production NAB.

Could you please give me some more information on this step ?

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