Mandating hpv vaccination arguments

When your choice affects other people, your access to that choice becomes less simplistic. We are talking about a very small percentage of people here who will not have their lifespan decreased significantly.

This is a very strong relationship - over 90% appear to require this as a necessary factor for their development. With 12,340 new cases in 2013 and over 4,000 deaths, cervical cancer is a significant health concern. At 20 years old you are considered an adult in most locations and are more then capable of weighing the pros and cons of getting a vaccination. Most people who contract HPV never develop any symptoms and 90% of infections go away by themselves within 2 years.Second, we already require vaccinations for children entering public schools through state laws. All 50 states require these vaccinations, and while almost all of them have medical and religious exemptions, this shows that the kind of law I'm professing here is nothing new. It seems like a big step to take to force people to extend their lifespan when they have decided ( through apathy or concious decision) that they could care less if they die a premature death. Since they are close to 100% effective it makes very little sense to vaccinate individuals who could care less if they get HPV.[4] Third, an argument that morality is lost relies on some level of harm occurring to those individuals. Sources: Source: gov/en/healthsafetytopics/diseaseconditions/stds/genitalhpv_fs I'd like to thank my opponent for using such well-researched arguments and for taking the time to add scientific acumen to his points.These symptoms don't always occur, and viral infection may be cleared by the patient's immune system alone.As such, we should not consider it similar to herpesviruses or HIV, which also have separate symptoms.I do not mean to provide arguments in this first post, and whoever agrees to accept this must use their first post just to agree, and perhaps (as I have) give a sentence laying out their general position.Round 1: Acceptance and sentence summary Round 2: Arguments for/against Round 3: Refutation of arguments Round 4: Closing arguments This is the first debate I have created on this website, and as such, I am new to here.I'm not asking that you be an expert, but I'm hopeful that we can both start from a position of some knowledge. However this looks like it is more of a philosophical type of debate.My debate will be simple, focusing on the immoral nature of forcing someone to under go an unnecessary medical procedure. I appreciate that you've chosen to take part in this debate, and I look forward to reading your arguments.Mandatory: required or commanded by authority; obligatory.In other words, should someone be unwilling to comply, they would have to pay a fee.

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