Mandating hpv vaccination arguments

2,100 vulvar cancers, 500 vaginal cancers, 600 penile cancers, 2,800 anal cancers in women, 1,500 anal cancers in men, 1,700 oropharyngeal cancers in women, 6,700 oropharyngeal cancers in men. Gostin, "School Vaccination Requirements: Historical, Social, and Legal Perspectives," Kentucky Law Jounal, Spring 2002 5. Source: gov/en/healthsafetytopics/diseasesconditions/stds/genitalhpv_fs 3. The most likely serious disease as a result oh HPV is cervical cancer.What's more, about 21,000 of these cancers are potentially preventable by HPV vaccines. The median age of death for someone contracting Cervical cancer is 57.When your choice affects other people, your access to that choice becomes less simplistic. We are talking about a very small percentage of people here who will not have their lifespan decreased significantly.The possibility that this individual will engage in behaviors that endanger other people takes the choice out of their hands. If their lifespan is decreased significantly it's because they made a conscious decision as adults to avoid vaccination, regular screenings and proper diet.A single injection of a vaccine, I would argue, is not facing a major loss of decision-making. Efforts like these will, I'm sure, make this debate more interesting for both of us and anyone else reading.And since the health harms have all been variously debunked - the supposed ties between vaccines and autism [5], and the view that vaccines have dangerous levels of toxins in them [6] - the only harm that can be pointed to is one of lack of autonomy. Before I launch into some rebuttal, I would first like to point out one thing.It can only be transmitted through sexual contact of one sort or another, though it can also be passed on to a growing child in a mother's womb.Symptoms include genital warts, recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (warts in the throat) and, most importantly, certain cancers, though I will get to that shortly.

This is a very strong relationship - over 90% appear to require this as a necessary factor for their development. With 12,340 new cases in 2013 and over 4,000 deaths, cervical cancer is a significant health concern. At 20 years old you are considered an adult in most locations and are more then capable of weighing the pros and cons of getting a vaccination. Most people who contract HPV never develop any symptoms and 90% of infections go away by themselves within 2 years.

Of course, as I will do, some of your argumentation can be preemptive or responsive, but it all has to be your argument, not direct response. It's good for health policy I will start by posting much of the information about the disease in order to ensure that we are all on the same page when it comes to understanding what makes HPV so important.

HPV, as I stated in the first post, is the most common sexually transmitted infection.

I do not mean to provide arguments in this first post, and whoever agrees to accept this must use their first post just to agree, and perhaps (as I have) give a sentence laying out their general position.

Round 1: Acceptance and sentence summary Round 2: Arguments for/against Round 3: Refutation of arguments Round 4: Closing arguments This is the first debate I have created on this website, and as such, I am new to here.

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