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Our mailadress is: [email protected]" Please tell us how everything is over there. TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword The Evenstad Family Photo of Evenstad Farm in Norway Photo of Oline Evenstad Caroline Brein Family Photo Gilbert Gordon Page and Photos Three Gordon's Poem Photo of Three Gordon's Photo of Haakon Evenstad Photo of John & Mabel Christianson Photo of Nels, Amelia & Mabel Evenstad Close-up Map of Evenstad Farm Area Wider area Map of Nes (Evenstad on the west) Estimated Population of Norway During Last 3200 Years Numbers of Ancestors by Generation Emigration From Norway The Family Tree List of Abbreviations Evenstad Family Statistics Our Norwegian Ancestors Descendants of Mattias & Oline Evenstad Ole Evenstad Branch Martin Evenstad Branch Caroline Evenstad Brein Branch Olava Evenstad Gordon Branch Kjer:stine Evenstad Nelson Branch Haakon Evenstad Branch Amelia Evenstad Regstad Branch Andrew Regstad Family By James Gilbert Gordon, 1985 I'm not sure what triggered my interest in this project, but it has been very interesting and has led to many other new interests. Obviously, cousins must have married cousins many times over.We want to give you a lot of greetings for the forthcoming Christmas-celebration. All of my great- grandparents came from Norway in the second half of the 19th century. Resident population by county Percentages of total population County 1801 1845 1875 1900 1930 1970stfold 49999 73622 107562 136886 167030 218505Oslo/Akershus 66142 109432 191733 343854 490063 799598 Hedmark 61384 88105 119449 126182 157942 178557Oppland 66154 101889 115522 116280 137710 171855Buskerud 63658 83918 101712 112676 143073 196315Vestfold 39947 63070 89344 104554 134107 173401Telemark 47447 72891 83570 99052 127754 156917Aust-Agder 34521 52408 75609 79935 73816 80178Vest-Agder 41508 63442 77059 81567 81233 123048Rogaland 41134 78210 113675 127592 173258 266271Bergen/Hordaland 78947 116989 155672 208003 262679 370963Sogn og Fjordane 52601 77978 86108 89041 91808 101064Mre og Romsdal 57329 81314 116781 136137 165064 223378Sor-Trndelag 60376 89183 116722 135382 174946 232147Nord-Trndelag 42704 65553 81421 83433 96016 118150Nordland 52192 66379 103369 152144 186920 243179Troms 19288 31351 53931 74362 97467 136563Finnmak 7707 12737 24185 32952 53308 76379Total 883487 1328471 1818853 2240032 2814194 3866468Notes: 1801 census includes 449 persons with residence unknown.All descendents of Gilbert Gordon are also members of the Evenstad family. They can attend both reunions and make the journey worthwhile! I have traveled to Norway and visited some of the family farms that have been located. I want to express my thanks to the following persons who made major contributions: My mother, for answering a thousand questions and contributing towards a most enjoyable trip to Minnesota to research our "roots" in June, 1983; My daughter, for typing and editing this document; Michael Gordon, for helping to develop the format and early typing support via computer; Chester Christianson, for all his knowledge of the family, and his years of effort in uncovering information; Jean Jacobsen, for sending me the majority of information contained within this document and her major contribution in developing the information in this document; Kjellaug Vold for supplying all the information on the Norwegian branch; John Lukens for designing the cover. It gets a little confusing, because for each generation you go back, the number of entries double.I'm sure I have missed some people, to those my apologies. This edition likely contains many errors and obviously a lot of missing data. To overcome this confusion, we have listed the parents and children for each person.

Numbers from the National Center for Health Statistics show 20 percent of married couples separate or divorce after five years.Contact me, Michael Gordon via email] The Gordon's are having their 50th Annual Family Reunion on Sunday, June 15, 1986 at Lake Itasca, Minnesota. This should prove to be a large gathering and an event not to be missed. I figured why not an Evenstad Family Reunion on Saturday, June 14. Mattias Knudsen Evenstad married Oline Olsdatter on January 2, 1856. They had seven children: Ole, Martin, Caroline, Olava, Kjersti, Haakon, and Amelia. This farm is three miles northeast of Brummunddal up the Brummundriver Valley. I have family trees for all four sets of great-grandparents and all (or most) of their descendents. 1845 census includes 5429 persons with residence unknown.I also have joined Sons of Norway, studied Norwegian history, begun studying the Norwegian language, have become something of a genealogist, and visited Norway in 1984, and again in 1985. There is an excellent Mormon library in Los Angeles that is very useful. AL Alabama AK Alaska AZ Arizona AR Arkansas CA California CO Colorado CT Connecticut DE Delaware DC District of Columbia FL Florida GA Georgia GU Guam HI Hawaii ID Idaho IL Illinois IN Indiana IA Iowa KS Kansas KY Kentucky LA Louisiana ME Maine MD Maryland MA Massachusetts MI Michigan MN Minnesota MS Mississippi MO Missouri MT Montana NE Nebraska NV Nevada NH New Hampshire NJ New Jersey NM New Mexico NY New York NC North Carolina ND North Dakota OH Ohio OK Oklahoma OR Oregon PA Pennsylvania RI Rhode Island SC South Carolina SD South Dakota TN Tennessee TX Texas UT Utah VT Vermont VA Virginia WA Washington WV West Virginia WI Wisconsin WY Wyoming Total Number of People Listed - 886 Generation 1 - 2 Generation 2 - 15 Generation 3 - 111 Generation 4 - 224 Generation 5 _ 327 Generation 6 - 179 Generation 7 - 28 Number of Direct Descendents - 595 Number of Spouses - 291 Number Born 1965 and Later - 214 Number of Deceased - 119 Number of Living - 767 This section lists the ancestors of the Immigrants.Along time ago, in the 1700's, two children were born in this far north country. Their names were Jens Halvorsen and Birgit Knudsdatter. They had a son, Ole Jensen, born January 1, 1796 in Gol, Hallingdal, Norway. Also in the 1700's were born a boy Haavors Arnesen (1781) and a girl, Kristi Olsdatter (B. Haavors and Kristi had a daughter, Mette Haavorsdatter, born in 1798 in Gol. "sen" and "son" both meant son; "datter" means daughter. Ole Jensen married Mette Haavorsdatter and lived on the Taskerud farm in Hedmark province some distance from where he was born (60 miles as the crow flies). This area is known as the eastern valley district of Norway. She married Knud Knudsen who had been a soldier and a salesman. An explanation of Norwegian names: In the old days, people in Norway were identified by their Christian names and their father's name. In addition, a third name was often used, usually a farm name.

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