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Read more I'll keep this short and sweet - just like me 💁🏽. I'm a typical girly girl, I'm very feminine in my ways and genuinely believe a man should be masculine. I was in New Zealand at that time, therefore, my fa... Looking for the simple girl who can carry the family values.... I am looking to meet an open minded person, with a good personality and a sense of... Read more "Just another day, we were looking at your recommendation and suddenly her profile come across. Many girls showed interest and I also showed interest in many girls but couldnt find the girl o...I got married to my wife Rajbir Kaur on 24th July 2016 in Moga, Punjab, India. We would like to thank for playing cupid in our lives. In July, 2015 Nova and Vicky likes profile of each other and exchange email.Our journey to find true ends, as our journey to cherish true love begins.... Farhan Naz Nova (Niha) is a Bangladeshi-American girl and Waqar Ahm...Hello, am glad you are interested in my friend's profile. Exploring different destinations, cuisines and cultures is something she enjoys. Read more It is a pleasure sharing a few words about my sister. She is a jovial, simple and honest person who is committed towards her work but pays equal attention to her fam... I see myself as a fun loving person who likes to follow life with principles and values. Read more Hello, am glad you are interested in my daughter's profile. My daughter's genuineness, caring and affectionate nature, wins her friends in every walk of life. Read more Hi, thank you for visiting my daughter's profile. By nature, she is an affectionate and helpful girl, blessed with a charming personality. Read more Hello, am glad you chose to visit my profile. Read more Salaam, Brave, generous and fiercely loyal are three qualities most of the people I have come across in my life have highlighted about me. I am all about enjoying the small things in life and grabbing every opportunity that comes my way. Read more Hello, am glad you chose to visit my profile. Listening to music, traveling, watching movies are few of my pass-time activities. Read more My life is very simple and I work sports and sometimes I spend my time with friends. I love traveling for tourism can be in the year only once. Read more I am glad you are interested in my profile. Whatsapp calls then converted into video calls and we made plan to meet up. It was a kind of astonishment for me that I found my significant other on within a week of making my profile on the site.Read more Hello, I am very satisfied with my life and thanks god for every thing gave me ,and I everything I achieved :) now I think it is time to find someone good to start a partnership or marriage journey wi... I am looking for someone who is genuine and most important... I am a grounded person, who values family happiness and hard work. We exchanged our contact numbers and emails on itself.My profile created by my elder sister and she was managing my profile and my wife's profile created by her elder brother and he was managing her profile. Then my sister rang pawans brother and thats how it al...Thousands of users register every day at Mehndi /, while all the profiles are screened by site administrators, to make sure that only the genuine profiles appear on the site, it is still necessary for you to be on guard as the internet is a vast realm and there are all types of people.

The website is amazing specially cause it's for free, while most of the other websites are not.You will be able to read all about them and interact with them in various ways on our site for free.Never pay a cent or paisa, no credit card is ever needed.It was originated in the 90’s in emails telling the user that they have won cash prizes and lotteries and asked the users to pay advance fees OR they have a goodies box that worth a lot of money and they want to transfer it to you etc.Mehndi / Qiran has the least number of scammers and fake profiles ratio compared to other matrimonial websites, we will explain how these fraudulent people work and by following the safety measures provided below you can help us eradicate the few and make Mehndi / Qiran a 100% scammer free zone.Our members are interested in serious relationships, life partners and maybe even shadi.As part of our high quality service, 123-Matrimonials helps people find like minded people as well. I like visiting new places and spending time with family and friends. I am ambitious, determined and focused to do well in life. My family is of a paramount importance to me and I strike a healthy balance between work and personal life. Read more Welcome to my profile I am from Saudi Arabia I'm a lecturer looking for word to find company how sheers me my life I am also educated going to study master in the Uk and might to study PHD too... At I started looking for a girl with my profile preferences.A big Thank you to the Shaadi team for helping us find each other. It was 5th May 2016, just another regular morning for me going through the profiles on the Shaadi website and I came across Megha's profi...123-Matrimonials Arabic Matrimonials is different from other Arabic matrimony because we believe that you shouldn't ever have to pay to meet people.We also believe you deserve a high quality service.

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