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Copies the elements with display progress bar with customizable conditions renaming registered in the folders you create ...

Move items more than 30 sub-parameters Creates lists from different parts of the selected items more than 30 sub-parameters Restarts Total Commander program by process name Create a folder in the list with the transition to the newly created folder with the necessary conditions of a predetermined number Drops files empty the contents of the clipboard encoded list template Create a library of icons Extract icons from files Opens the link in a given browser Clears the cart on all drives Allocates different objects from the list, clipboard with ...

Ultra TC Editors package include the following programs: 1.

Main Menu Editor: for editing Total Commander main menu. Start Menu Editor: for editing Total Commander start menu. Directory Menu Editor: for editing Total Commander directory menu. Extended Commands Editor: for editing Total Commander extended commands. Button Bar Editor: for editing Total Commander main button bar. Vertical Button Bar Editor: for editing Total Commander vertical button bar. History Editor: for editing history sections in Total Commander configuration files (and Wcx_ftp.ini) 8.

Allows you to issue commands Total Commander internal custom special Opens the specified path in the right panel in a new tab support opening multiple paths in new tabs support go directly to the file Emulates keystrokes in the active window Switches keyboard Delays at the time of executing the following command Supports Clipboard Writes text to the clipboard Returns the text from the clipboard Modifies and adds the information to the clipboard Converts search and replace with regular expression support encodes, decodes Encrypts, decrypts Stores, cleans more than 30 sub-parameters Summons program, depending on the bit system. Allows the parameters to pass to parameters in the cycle list of objects allows the transmission parameters of the way objects allows the transmission line parameters from the clipboard window hide wait for the completion of the program use a progress bar to show progress support for special folders Allows you to work with ini files rename, delete, record clean, replace section Works with the registry Opens the specified branch in the registry Imports.

reg file to the registry Exports the specified section / option in the reg-file recursively copies the section, including sub-sections and parameters Delete key or value Creates a registry key or value in the registry Renames elements with different conditions (size, attributes, masks, templates ...) c addition of information from wdx plugins for regular expressions correction coding using clipboard with input the necessary information to support display all the files without subdirectories ...

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Also, it is possible to create your own settings (Presets) for frequently-terminated processes. It is a console utility that serves to facilitate everyday tasks related to the WINDOWS clipboard. Main features: Do downloads from the Internet in several ways, copying the test, without opening the text itself, Converting between HEX-values and string data, doing simultaneous runs of multiple files, etc. Tool for NTFS links creation: supports junctions, hardlinks and symbolic links allows duplicating first levels with regular folders allows keeping directory structure (for objects from multiple dirs) elevation request when admin rights needed supports silent mode w/o any windows Unicode and long paths support You can get information about NTFS links and edit link target paths using NTLinks content plugin.

This is a small utility that will help you to forcefully terminate any running ontrolled and uncontrolled processes, regardless of the number of running instances of these processes.

The program can terminate processes whose names from clip.

This tool get a list of file, build batch file according to some options and parameters allows to edit it or not and execute it or not....

More details : this is a lst2multi replacement with Much More features !

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