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You can eat and drink while singing songs throughout the affair.

Drinks and snacks are much more expensive than in local restaurants (at least double the price).

They book fancy looking rooms with huge TV screens on the walls, order plenty of appetizers (grilled chicken legs, dry fruits, nuts, various smoked meat and fish, spicy veggies) and at least two cages of beer.

If you have ever been to any karaoke club in your home country, you know that people sing songs on a stage in front of strangers. Karaoke clubs consist of private rooms you can book for a minimum time (from 1 hours onward) .

He practised distributing gospel tracts and open-air preaching among the poor.

In 1852 he began studying medicine at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, London, as preparation for working in China.

You can experience authentic Chinese culture, listen to some traditional Chinese music, drink as much as you want and try some Chinese food, more ofthen than not – for FREE! Just a warning: we speak in Polish for the first 20 seconds or so, because it’s for our Polish You Tube Channel – e Trampy.

Afterwards, you can see first hand what it’s like to be there.

Accidents and mishaps are often a part of travelling abroad, and so you shouldn’t forget to cover yourself and your belongings for any eventuality.

It is believed that Taylor learned his faith mission principles from his contact with the Brethren. About this time, he began studying the languages of Mandarin, Greek, Hebrew, and Latin.

In 1851, he moved to a poor neighborhood in Kingston upon Hull to be a medical assistant with Robert Hardey, and began preparing himself for a life of faith and service, devoting himself to the poor and exercising faith that God would provide for his needs.

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