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So, as you can see, it is not “a thick unctuous tomato ketchup”! We got acquainted with tomatoes only after the colonial rulers introduced them to Bengal, and yes, given Bengal’s penchant for innovating with anything new where food is concerned, while there indeed is such a thing called the tomato kasundi, it’s not mustard paste mixed with mashed tomatoes. It’s had best with fresh sauteed greens or with snack items such as fish fries, or chops and cutlets. Obviously, we do not find the use of the tomato in such historical data, because it still hadn’t made an appearance in the Bengal kitchen.The Kasundi today The one made with just mustard is the one that is celebrated today, and and it was actually known as ‘Jhal Kasundi’(fiery kasundi). The simplest one was made with dry ground mustard seeds (both black and yellow, taken from the newest crop), water, salt and haldi.The story of SHE based on an Athlete who finds her love with a girl but a situation forced her to prove her sexuality whether she is really "SHE" or "HE" .Directed by Raja Banerjee & Produced by Vinod Agarwal.The history The term Kasundi was actually used for a type of achar/pickle, and was not necessarily only the sauce that we know it as today. And kasundi was the king of all pickles in Bengal, which, if stored under the right conditions, remained edible for almost 20 years.From the month of Magh (Jan-Feb), kul or berries were the first pickles or chutneys to be made, followed by tamarind, and then mangoes. Therefore, the pickling of mustard followed, all in preparation for the monsoons.

Some had just salt and mustard powder, dry chillies and haldi and mustard oil; some had combinations of other dry, ground spices such as jeera, kalonji, fennel, randhuni (wild celery seeds), ajwain, pippali, or long pepper, methi, cloves, green and black cardamom, kebabchini, javitri, jaiphal, dried mangoes, dried kul etc.A famous, internationally acclaimed Indian celebrity chef even made the unpardonable mistake of institutionalising a dish made with plain mustard paste and giving it the kasundi tag. Kasundi is a sauce made by fermenting mustard seeds. Many families were forbidden to make kasundi on the premise that it was inauspicious for them, especially if some tragedy had befallen them during the making of the sauce in the distant past.Having grown up on such stories, none of us have ever seriously attempted to make kasundi at home, unquestioningly accepting the theories about the complexities of the ritual, happy enough to buy the bottled variety, the best being the one which purportedly followed the recipe of Dhaka Bikrampur, in undivided Bengal.It took more than a week to make, and the process included sunning the pounded seeds for two to three days at a stretch.The sunning took away the bitterness and introduced the ‘jhaanjh’, or pungency which went up your nose.The more complex ones had minuscule amounts of 12 masalas: haldi, dry red chillies, bay leaf, coriander, cumin, fennel, pepper, ginger, randhuni, cinnamon, javitri, or green cardamom and kalonji.To this was added the paste of green mango as a souring agent.After that it was bottled and again sunned for a few more days.The kasundi was then ready to be used, and the sauce, if made under perfect conditions, remained edible for years.It was impossible not to notice Anushka, though, in her appropriately festive tomato red and gold Benarasi sari — a change from the dramatically embellished lehengas or gowns brides are known to opt for on their big night.Actor Anushka Sharma decided to forego a dreamy lehenga or voluminous gown in favour of a more Indian textile-and-handloom-friendly look by wearing a Benarasi sari, designed by Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

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