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It resembles a figure eight; it opens and fully revelas its character while the direction of its development suddenly changes, it stars to move in reverse direction.

in which the fully revealed fragrance curves into a surprising change, reverses direction, so that the it would go back to where it started.

Then smell of green notes galbanum is called and patchouli.

I smell incense woods notes sandalwood civet leather and honey. This parfum is rich sexy smoky dark mysterious leathery earthy very complex. In Europe is still very popular especially in France and Russia. Is unisex and some men can wear this too with leather coats jackets and pants.

"That old black magic has me in its spell That old black magic that you weave so well Icy fingers up And down my spine The same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine The same old tingle that i feel Inside When that elevator starts its ride Down and down i go, round and round i go Like a leaf that's Caught in the tide I should stay away but what can i do I hear your name, and i'm aflame Aflame with Such a burning desire That only your kiss can put out the fire You are the lover that i've waited for The mate that fate had me created for And every time your lips meet mine Baby down and down i go, All around i go In a spin, loving the spin that i'm in Under that old black magic called love". Anyway, I think it's still worth it, very nice and original, for a woman with personality, I feel it boosts my confidence.

Beautiful parfum for Halloween for me to wear with black dress and costume. This smell at first of a sweet raspberry remind me of Dior Poison with tuberose and jasmine also powdery iris flower.

First spray was ok and after a few minutes I couldnt stop smelling my wrist."Wow,this smells amazing,so unique", I thought.

Btw, I did not overspray but on my skin this is a bulldozer. And this is the new stuff, I can't imagine how much better the vintage was, and I am not even going to attempt to find out! I really like galbanum in the scents and this is relly beautiful. It is a mature and well blended fragrance with a discrete vibe of the old Magie Noire.As with the newer one there more subtle and softer.Older one,projects far, I was at work when I sprayed myself four times and my coworker who was standing about ten feet away could smell me. With older version the scent stays on your skin a long time and even longer on clothing.Newer version I got maybe an hour on my skin,but clothing I havent tried yet.To me both older and newer versions smell almost the same but not exactly.Bottom line if you want try this fragrance and experiance its breathtaking beauty go with a vintage first and then try a newer version. I happen to really adore chypres, so the darker and more bitter, the better, and she is dark but not bitter.MN has been obviously reformulated — I have an edt from 2017 — and it is a little diminished from what it was; *however* it is still gorgeous!Its heart the jasmine flame burns blended with ylang-ylang, amber and incense. I made my review before about the current version, which I like very much (not knowing the vintage). Cassis, galbdanum, bergamot – soury, a bit dusty, oakmoss. Nothing against oakmoss, but I prefer better executed one. Oakmoss gives fragrances such a soft and lush forest earthiness. I had sampled it before in the store and HAD to go back on saturday and get it, because I kept thinking about it for weeks.But after that, I found online a Darth Vader bottle from 2006. Firstly may I just say that the only way to fully appreciate and understand Magie Noire is to purchase a vintage black bottle with mushroom lid. The modern glass square bottle is a different fragrance entirely and a weak faint memory. The way it's showed here it reminds more of an ashtray than a perfume. The green galbanum blends wonderfully with the oakmoss, the honey provides warmth and a touch of sweetness, and spices linger in the background. I love its 80's vibe, I love how it's so different from the modern best sellers.I was curious to try the newer version and compare it to this one from 1998.So I purchased a new bottle from ebay,this time the batch code is from 2016.

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