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Eugene and Ki Tae Young had some of the best engagement and wedding pictures among K-ent couples so it’s a nice walk down memory lane to revisit some of them.The day before was Ji Sung’s birthday and Lee Bo Young prepared a present for him.

And then they donated money to build Yona School, in his name, in Chad, Africa after his death. What if, on the balcony, when you are thinking about committing a suicide, and then you trip, and really fall? Too bad for Park Yong Ha, when he did that, he got electrocuted and died. The romance was confirmed after they were spotted together for three weeks in a row enjoying a sweet date in Ji Sung’s car.With regards to their romance, Lee’s management company replied, “Both of them have a liking for each other and we know that they are dating and hope it progresses smoothly.” Ji Sung’s management company replied, “We never knew that the both of them dated and after learning about this through the media, we have been trying to contact Ji Sung but couldn’t reach him.” Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young got to know each other after filming the drama, “Save the Last Dance for Me” in 2004.It’s moot to discuss how utterly satisfied I was that he was cast as the lead in the K-drama remake of one of my favorite movies ever, .I was planning to watch it, and it’s heartbreaking to think that it would be in memoriam of him.() His was not a passing that bespoke of a future riddled with no hope, except perhaps in his own mind and his own heart. (, which he co-starred with then girlfriend Eugene.The drama was dreadful, but he was still a treat to watch. Like when you’re contemplating to jump off your balcony but never really do it? I had a theory that he might be “playing” with the idea of suicide, trying to hang himself, but he didn’t really want to die. I will treasure his legacy of works, and salute his talent each time I watch or re-watch them.I’m thinking about Park Yong Ha’s suicide (or was it an accident? So I will write about my thoughts here so I can have a peace of mind.

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