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Paul Janka recently became the newest member of the “Former Playboy Turned Husband” club & I was pretty excited to talk to him about his recent wedding, and the new realities of being a husband.

Being married myself, it’s amazing to talk with guys who have graduated from “game” and have found a long-term, healthy relationship.

In conclusion, it’s straight forward and works better for me that that complicated PUA shit!

[fimage] Paul Anton Janka, popularly known as Paul Janka was born on 1 st of June, 1975.

The popularity of Janka started with an e Book of Attraction Code, along with his television show appearances in famous shows like that of Dr. Many pick up artists have criticized Paul Janka for being dependent on looks, therefore his techniques are inclined mostly in big locations like New York.

He has written many books and the most popular on his list is Attraction Formula, which contains accurate dating techniques.

Although more focused on the approach, the material is quite similar to the DVD set and ebook; Janka still does not explain how to get over approach anxiety apart from "just doing it"; lots of interesting anecdotes but no demos or full "real time" examples.

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This is basically how all of the “natural born player” guys I know pick up chicks.

Paul is a graduate with a Physics degree from Harvard University.

He has a great experience in the field of seduction and pick up.

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On this podcast, we discuss: We even cover more, and in record time – this episode is super dense, and under 40 minutes (a record for me). We discuss a lot about our early days as pick-up artists, our transitions into relationships & more. PS – I would love it if you would leave an honest review on i Tunes (particularly if it’s a good one! Reviews help the show get more noticed and helps spread the good news to more and more guys out there.

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