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Choosing the latter shall definitely bring uncertainty in life, thereby leading to a frustrated life.Every man sees many girls in his life depending on his desires and work conditions, however learning the art of pick up can be gained by PUAs.This book is really quite different then any of the other pua books that I’ve talked about on this site, and I thought it was about time that I wrote up an official review.Many guys have written in asking me is Paul Janka’s legit.As you will see, Paul is highly intelligent, eloquent and thoughtful.

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This product explains in details the "front end" part of Janka's system, ie how to get a high volume of phone numbers from street/day game.

This book was written after researching for 12 years by dating and approaching thousands of women.

His other famous book is Secrets to Meeting Women, this is actually an online teaching program According to Paul Janka, a woman has to be judged by her behavior, and not by her looks.

We bring a unique perspective on the totality of the spectrum of women, dating and relationships. (For prior episodes of the Lifestyle Arts Podcast, feel free to listen in here or subscribe via i Tunes here) Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Be sure to listen to my first Interview with Paul Janka – click the link & listen in.

On this podcast, we discuss: We even cover more, and in record time – this episode is super dense, and under 40 minutes (a record for me). We discuss a lot about our early days as pick-up artists, our transitions into relationships & more. PS – I would love it if you would leave an honest review on i Tunes (particularly if it’s a good one! Reviews help the show get more noticed and helps spread the good news to more and more guys out there.

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