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As a matter of fact, the church today is absolutely beautiful—she's glorious, she's humble, she's broken, and she's confessing her sin.

The problem is what everybody's calling the church today isn't the church.

" ~ Paul Washer"You love to listen to the very things that nailed your supposed Master to the tree?! Become a hellion, give yourself to demons, run wild; but don't come in here saying you're a believer and playing that game!

You want to dance with the devil, then dance all night long!

Therefore fallen man seeks to push the truth—especially the truth about God—as far from him as he can possibly remove it.

He will go to any extent to suppress the truth, even to the point of pretending that there is no such thing as truth, or that if it does exist, it cannot be known or have any bearing on our lives." ~ Paul Washer"You love to listen to the very same things that nailed your supposed Savior to the tree?

You say, 'If God wants to show me my sin, He can do it.' Yes He can; sometimes He uses individuals to do it. Because that will tell me alot about how you will respond to God." ~ Paul Washer"I would not send my child to a vacation Bible school in 99.9% of the Baptist churches in America.

How many Christians do you actually know that are living that way?

We are the most protected Christians that ever walked on the face of the earth, and yet we are the emptiest Christians who ever walked on the face of the earth." ~ Paul Washer, sermon, "The Great Privilege.""The truth is this: I am a Southern Baptist, and the great majority of Southern Baptists are lost." ~ Paul Washer"I have great assurance when I study my own conversion, when I discuss it with other men, when I look over the 25 years of my pilgrimmage with Christ; I have great assurance of having come to know Him.

Basically, by and large, what's called the church today is nothing more than a bunch of unconverted church people with unconverted pastors." ~ Paul Washer"Sunday morning in America is the greatest hour of idolatry in the whole week. Because most people who are even worshiping God, are worshiping a God they don't know.

They're worshiping a god that looks more like Santa Claus than the God of Scripture.

But even now, if I were to depart from the faith and walk away and keep going in that direction into heresy and worldiness, it could be the greatest of proofs that I never knew Him, that the whole thing was a work of the flesh." ~ Paul Washer, sermon, "Ten Indictments Against the Modern Church.""If you have made the good profession, if you claimed to have passed through the gate, if you have received baptism in a public declaration of your faith, and you begin to walk—it doesn't matter how long it appears you're walking in that path—if you step off that path and there's no discipline and you continue on that path, you can have no assurance whatsoever of your salvation.

And it is not that you lost your salvation, it's that you're showing now that you never had it.

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  1. What began as her visiting me for the holidays ended up with her staying with me indefinitely. Tell her that it can't go on like this indefinitely—living in your apartment rent-free—as it's unfair to your roommate and that kind of support is too much to expect from someone she's been seeing for only four months.