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We have a backup from this past week (day or two before server appears to have had the issue), but getting the most recent data off the drive would be ideal. I concur - most likely just dead battery and BIOS was reset.

You probably had a power loss and battery died long ago and you never knew about it.

1 Overview The Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (i DRAC) is designed to make server administrators more productive and improve the overall availability of Dell servers.

Also, any risk at this point by shutting down, and replacing the battery. I was concerned that it only shows 1 physical drive though, as I would think both physical drives should be showing.Most of those servers use the standard button battery you can pick up at a grocery store for few dollars.Stock up on them and replace all batteries in servers that are 4 years old and save yourself some grief.i DRAC with Lifecycle controller technology is part of a larger datacenter solution that helps keep business critical applications and workloads available at all times.The technology allows administrators to deploy, monitor, manage, configure, update, troubleshoot and remediate Dell servers from any location, and without the use of agents.Benefits of Using i DRAC With Lifecycle Controller The benefits include: • Increased Availability — Early notification of potential or actual failures that help prevent a server failure or reduce recovery time after failure.• Improved Productivity and Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) — Extending the reach of administrators to larger numbers of distant servers can make IT staff more productive while driving down operational costs such as travel.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. I get: No boot device available Current mode set to bios Please ensure compatible bootable media use the system setup program to change the boot mode as needed strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for system setup, F11 for bios boot manager This is a Dell R410 with windows Server 2008.A raid 1 configuration using Perc S100 There was no indication of failure before, and was working when left for the weekend on Friday.No USB drives are plugged into this server, and no other peripherals except keyboard/mouse/mon.

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