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2 3 View All Next »So on Monday I told you how to look better in photos, especially for use in your online dating profiles. sometimes it’s good to test my advice against the real world.After all, it’s all well and good for me to sit here and make proclamations from on high, but hey!This should give you absolute peace of mind when booking us and means that you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Get the most from your shoot As well one really good, eye catching headshot, you may find it useful to have other shots taken.High contrast clothing combinations, such as a dark jacket, white shirt or blouse and bold tie, scarf or accessories work well.Bold colours work well while pastels and busy patterns are best avoided. If you are on a strict budget you are welcome to do your own makeup and hair styling at our studios before your photo shoot.Suggestions are sporty, casual, business and evening wear.Accessories and props that illustrate who you are should also be considered.Potential soul mates will make a snap decision based on how you look in your photo so it is important to ensure that the first impression is the RIGHT impression. Everyone needs the scales tipping in their favour from time to time. Stray hair and blemishes will be fixed, backgrounds cleaned up, skin tone and skin texture freshened, eyes brightened and perhaps a teeny weeny bit of digital lipo suction and body reshaping.Our dating photographers, makeup artists and hair stylists are adept at showing YOU at your very BEST. The aim is to present you in the best possible way while keeping the picture completely natural looking.I could just be some keyboard jockey pulling ideas out of thin air.So what better way to test things than with the help of some of my obliging readers?It helps to be comfortable in the clothes you are wearing and with your poses.Do some research beforehand and practice a few poses in the mirror, including full length, half length and head & shoulders.

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