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Most articles that offer dating tips will tell you what you did wrong on a date by recounting the deadly mistakes that are keeping you single: “Don’t be too fat, but don’t be too skinny.” “Don’t talk about your job, but do talk about your career goals.” “Be interesting … It isn’t because you said the wrong thing or that you smiled at the waiter.

The real reason you don’t have the love that you deserve isn’t how you acted on a date.

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We think it’s chemistry when the fireworks go off, but what’s actually happening is that your inner drama queen is having a field day.You don’t have to change how you act, your clothes, your weight, or your personality; you just need to shift your piece of the puzzle.When your puzzle piece shifts, you will see that the men or women you meet will start to change as well.It isn’t because you texted the guy after the date to thank him.Here’s the hard truth: you picked someone who would leave you before you even went out on that date.Before you even spoke to this man, your mate selection mechanism was set on heartache.But the good news is, you can change your “Love Picker” and turn on your “Love Switch.” Why do we pick the wrong people?Once you shift your subconscious even slightly, you will see a huge difference in who you’re attracted to and who is attracted to you.You may even notice that more opportunities will show up to meet nice guys, and that friends will come out of nowhere to introduce you to someone worthy.I once started to develop feelings for someone and as I started to open up to him, he reacted with aloofness and indifference. My natural reaction was to try harder, initiate more, and stick around in hopes he would turn around.This is what I would have done in my early twenties, but a decade later, I’ve learned to recognize the signs of an unhealthy dynamic.

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