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Often referred to as the "gayway" to Europe, Amsterdam's scene can be both exciting and impersonal.The male scene, with pretty queens in Reguliersdwarsstraat and leather boys in Warmoesstraat, is often referred to as a meat market.Not quite gay, not quite straight - there are no rainbow flags here - so it attracts a diverse crowd of women and men (although guys are in the majority). In most other cities this bar would be very average. Cockring Warmoesstraat 96 One of the most renowned clubs/bars in the leather lovers' heaven Warmoesstraat.Slightly less strict dress code than neighbouring Argos, Cockring is home to a wider range of leather-, jeans- and latex- loving men.Reality Reguliersdwarsstraat 129 This small, rather closed-off looking bar caters to a slightly older male crowd from former Dutch colonies such as Surinam, the Netherlands Antilles and Indonesia.Soho Reguliersdwarsstraat This gorgeous English-style pub is always busy with pretty (and they know it) men who are much too important to waste their time on you.

Ordering drinks in your native tongue is no problem, but don't be surprised to be treated as a tourist rather than a Dutchman (or woman).As their website quotes, 'Saarein is now open for all queer-minded people’.This small, cosy bar is split into three levels, including a bar, pool table and reading section. Vandenberg Lindengracht 95 This small neighbourhood cafe does not specifically cater to lesbians, but is often visited by female couples in their 30s and 40s. Vivelavie, Amstelstraat 7 well-known bar, which has existed for 26 years, is home to a noisy, quite forward audience of lesbians in their 20s and 30s.It's been bested by Soho, and now only gets busy on Saturdays and Sundays.Sunday 6-8pm is 2-for-1 happy hour, and it gets absolutely packed. ARCReguliersdwarsstraat 44 | breath of fresh air on what had become a street of self-satisfied bars, this establishment has quickly become de rigueur. The bar (which also doubles as a restaurant most of the day and early evening) suffers from being split almost into two parts, but it makes up for it with a courtyard garden and plenty of seating.You can have a beer here, but beware: Cockring's clientele is very interested in getting together.Montmartre Halvemaansteeg 17 When it's busy, Montmartre is gezelligheid personified – small, cosy, crowded and roaring with campy music sing-alongs. Seems to attract a lot of Hema fashion victims and guys from Dordrecht, but they're easy.Its enthusiastic staff organise special evenings, including bingo and tarot card reading. The restaurant serves up international cuisine - anything from burgers to full dinners.Anyone will feel comfortable popping in for a drink and soaking up the DJ-spun funky music.Despite Amsterdam's small size, its gay scene is quite large.Many foreigners find themselves attracted to the city, and you can spot celebrities, such as George Michael, flying in for the weekend.

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