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I shouldn’t like to be in James Carey’s boots his trousers either, if all I hear is true. Hosack, a metropolitan magistrate, to five or seven. May be a jocular derangement of grace before breakfast. Grecian Bend – A satirical description of a stoop forward in walking noticed amongst women of extreme fashion during the last years of the Second French Empire, and which was due to the use of enormously high-heeled French boots. (See ” Roman Fall,” ” Alexandra Limp,” ” Buxton Limp.”) Haw-haw toff – Swell, aristocrat ‘haw-haw’ being an expression very common as to the opening words of upper class men, while toff is almost the sound caused by haughtily drawing in the breath with the lower lip on the edge of the upper teeth.

Foot-and-mouth disease – Swearing followed by kicking. Dick Dawson had a message conveyed to him from O’Grady requesting the honour of his company the next morning to ‘grass before breakfast’. He worships his creator – Said of a self-made man who has a good opinion of himself.

One hears everywhere murmurs of Charlie Binks being utterly ‘crushed’ on Mabel Banks, and so on with regard to various things. Drapery Misses – This term is probably anything now but a mystery.

Dora tells Flora that she is ‘crushed ‘ on Jim’s new sailor, when she really isn’t damaging his headgear at all, and so it goes. It was, however, almost so to me, when I first returned from the East, in 1811-12.

In Victorian times, much more etiquette was called for.

During the Victorian era, unmarried women complained of all the good men being "taken", and they wondered if "Mr. Advice manuals were prevalent during the Victorian years, and women turned to these books for the advice that they provided, whether good or bad.

The Princess of Wales brought this fashion into England (1863), where it held good for many years. Secrets of the alcove – Most intimate influence of the wife over the husband. Lady Clonbrony was delighted to see that her son assisted Grace Nugentin in shawling Miss Broadhurst. She’ll go off in an aromatic faint – Said of a fantastical woman, meaning that her delicate nerves will surely be the death of her.These books offered advice on not marrying young and one particular manual that was written in 1874 stated, "A young woman cannot be considered if any sense prepared for this under 21; 25 is better." However, if a woman did not marry early in life, statistically, she may not be able to marry at all.Victorian dates were almost always supervised in some way.Next, about 1890, they took over the name for young boys’ knee-trousers, and were styled knickerbockers the name of which probably came from Washington Irving.Finally, in 1895, the female trouser was known as rational costume.However, as usual, I got carried away and added many illustrations from the said publication. Of course he opposed it on moral grounds, but some of the old nobility would be inclined to agree with his denunciation of the ‘beerage’ for other reasons. Behindativeness – Referring to the dress pannier — one of the shapes with which fashion is forever varying the natural outline of the feminine frame; e.g., ‘That lady has got a deal of behindativeness.’ Burst her stay-lace – A sudden bust-heaving feminine indignation, which might even literally, and certainly does figuratively, bring about this catastrophe. This individual, with a plausible tale or compliment, will invariably effect a sale after all other means have failed. Hence it was an easy transition to apply terms of human emotions to costumes.Six of everything – Said by workwomen and workmen’s wives in praise of a girl who marries with a trousseau meeting the respectable requirements of this phrase. Society journal – Evasive name for a scandal-publishing newspaper. Totty all colours – Young person who has contrived to get most of the colours of the rainbow into her costume. Poor young lady sent out to India to obtain a husband. In and about 1888 a number of women of the town in the East of London were murdered and mutilated.Society journalist – A contributor to the Society Journal. Pretty Martha Springsteen brings suit against her husband for separation. Before the year was out a woman murder came to be called a Whitechapel.Last week I turned in my final revisions for Wicked Little Secrets—a naughty and fun little Victorian romance. In reply to his question whether the goods were not suitable, the fastidious customer answered: ‘ No, thank you ; they are not “afternoonified” enough for me.’ In the case of a lady armed with an argument of such calibre what was the shopwalker to say or do? There are many terrible tints even now to be found among the repertory of the leaders of fashion agonies in red, livid horrors in green, ghastly lilacs, and monstrous mauves. Beerage – A satirical rendering of peerage, referring to the brewery lords, chiefly of the great houses of Allsopp and of Guinness.The release date is a few months out, giving us plenty of time to get our Victorian on. I had intended to add a few illustrations from Punch, 1865. Like a wise man, he expressed his regret and beat a dignified retreat. Dr Edwards as a temperance worker had some very strong things to say a few months ago on the subject of the ennoblement of rich brewers.

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