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Once I'd purchased the stamps I went looking for the emails and hey guess what, no emails : ( I then contacted RSVP asking where are the emails, I then received a reply saying they need proof before they can address the problem, what proof you lousy morons..

What I find nonsense is that after I search and look at a profile straight away I receive a match for that person although on my profile I stated within 250 klms and here I am receiving matches from all over the world and all over Australia.

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I cannot understand the claim that it is the largest site of its kind in Australia. I think the realism of females at times are just unrealistic . The problem I have with RSVP is that it's not specific enough when it comes to personal details. Instead they control your messages everything goes through them including your bank account. There are both horror stories and success stories from RSVP and I feel lucky I've met the girl of my dreams from RSVP, we are now happily married for almost 3 years.After that I gave up on computer dating, too stressful, went and found an old sweetheart and married her.I guess those adventures are far in the past, it doesn't even come up on the top ten dating sites. I have been using the site for a while I'd say this is not a very bad dating site to use except it's quite expensive with the stamps.I also went on a RSVP pub night and a bay cruise, both pretty execrable but got dates from both which I never followed up.To top it off there was the amazing Sheila de Moonlight, a scammer from Ghana who was so cute I actually went to see her and enjoyed a passionate week there, the only one from RSVP.I am very thankful to RSVP and all the ladies that have given me a chance, I am a happy person this day because of it and only want others to succeed too.Just remember to be honest with yourself and respect your lady friend, oh and don't be a cheapskate, a gentleman should always offer to pay for the first is pretty easy to use, there is a detailed search engine which you can fine tune for the partner you're after.A privacy mode which I've used extensively to prevent people from being able to find you, if you're the traditional type like me, this is a great feature because it allows you to initiate the first contact.The first was excellent but she didn't like my being still formally married, the other three, well I got to hear a lot of good stories about what it was like being on RSVP.The women seemed to get as many dates as they could handle, though many were already jaded.

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