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Dating at 40 can be one of the most exciting – you know what it is you do and don’t like, you are far less inclined to suffer fools gladly and if there’s the opportunity to try something new then you can make the time to do so.

So whether you’ve a broken or bereaved heart, you’re a previously confirmed bachelor or bachelorette or you just fancy meeting some like-minded over 40s in Australia, then you’ve come to the right place.

I signed up for a premium membership and paid 5 for 3 months.

Within a few weeks of activating the site I was informed by someone that I had been messaging that he had received an email from RSVP informing him that my account had been suspended because I had not been 'playing by the rules' even though I had only responded to a few messages with the usual small talk.

Premium membership with 3 stamps a month is stupid. Then had to buy stamps to go any further with these members. Each stamp used allows communication with a member for 30 days. Used another stamp to send a message, got a reply, no that member hasn’t been online since. I should have read reviews on this site before rejoining.

This is what raises my concern in that time seems to be killer, personally I want to rush into a relationship because most fail so it's like looking for gold in the ground, you'll pull out many bits of odd metal junk before you find a nugget. I suspect the 4 & 5 star reviews are on put on the review sites by RSVP staff. Having elected to NOT follow up with one member she submitted a "fake" complaint and I was subsequently blocked.

This is evident in that most women you contact, provide pics or contact details or plans to contact fall on deaf ears and you hear nothing. I was able to contact this crowd but they refused to support the claim.

This demands a stamp refund in my books by won't happen. Simultaneously they continued to accept further payment.

We provide this service for free and instead choose to generate the income for the business from advertising and affiliate programs.

I contacted support and they told me via email that my account was suspended and in order to activate it I had to provide my drivers license or my passport.

I’ve always been polite and responded to kisses and emails, have put up recent photos etc. What happens to the scammers and people who don’t respond to kisses etc.??

I met my partner in 2012 on RSVP and we are still together now in 2018 with an 8 month old baby and plans for marriage.

I have not used the site recently but cannot fault my experience with RSVP Decided to try this site for what's its worth.

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