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Your hand trembled slightly as you knocked on the door of your friend Heather’s town home. You were almost at the bottom when you slipped, the impact of your head hitting the wall and your body hitting the floor creating a thud that resonated up the stairs.

The only thing she’d really told you was that you’d be sharing it with two other people, her friends Ryan Buell and Sergey Poberezhny. The walls were the same white as the rest of the room, the bed was next to a window, there was a desk in the corner next to a closet. Ryan came around the corner wide-eyed as you lay on the ground. ” She squealed when she saw you sitting on the counter. ” You squealed just as loudly, jumping off the counter and embracing her.

You jumped up on the counter and let your feet dangle, not really paying attention. I transferred from NYU, here so I could be away from her and closer to Heather.” You said, smiling at her.

You frowned slightly, and Heather, although you didn’t realize it, caught it. “Oh, yeah.” You shrugged, trying your hardest not to blush. “So why’d you come to State College in the middle of the summer? “Um…Cause I couldn’t take my over controlling mother anymore.

He shrugged and followed you in, taking a seat at the table, which was covered in scattered paper. Opening your eyes, you jumped when you saw Ryan there.

You hopped up on the counter and sat for a few minutes before asking, “You still taking people in PRS?

You both cracked up, and you leaned over to rest your head on his shoulder, clutching your side form laughing. You and Sergey stopped laughing and looked at him, lifting your eyebrows. You looked at Sergey again and said seriously, “It really is neat the I get to meet you guys, but I’m not the type of person who would ruin their future for a chance to meet some people who’ve been on T. Besides, I’m getting bored of you already.” You joked. You seem to be smarter than most of the girls I’ve met.

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Let’s see if I can get down the stairs without making a fool of myself.” You thought.

But when Buell realized that his prominence in the paranormal research field, not to mention the fact he is quite public about his religious beliefs, meant he might be able to open some eyes about the issue of bisexuality, he knew he had to speak up.

After recently caught up with Buell to discuss his coming out, his conservative Southern family’s reaction and much more.

You stumbled out of the bed and down the stairs without falling. “You should be.” You said, jumping off the counter and tackling her, sending you both flying into the living room and landing on the carpet. You giggled and said, “Poor Sergey looks lonely.” “Aw. As we’re not filming yet, I don’t need just the core team so would you like to go? Groaning slightly, you realized a blanket had been thrown over you. You blushed bright red, and buried your face in his shirt to his it. You let go as well and instead moved to lean against your normal place on the counter.

Slumping onto his shoulder, you replied, “Apparently not here.”\Laughing again he said, “Let’s go, guys.” Helping you out of the booth, Heather and Sergey followed, stumbling the entire way. Opening your eyes, you saw it was only three in the morning. Heather was bouncing up and down like a rabbit, while Sergey tried to keep her planted on the floor. When they sat down, you already had in ‘Meadowoods.’ You all ended up on one couch, you curled into Ryan’s side, Heather’s head on your legs, and Sergey was left at the end. A little while later, you awoke to the sound of sizzling.

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