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I once had a woman complain (on occasion) for 2 months that if she hadn't given her card to me, we never would have gotten together.It is SO ingrained in a woman's mind that things should just 'happen.' (When I clarified to her that I was the one orchestrating the circumstances around her giving me her card, the complaints stopped. ) Younger women are still very caught up in what I call their "Disney Programming." She's still holding to a lot of the expectations of society, such as these: If she doesn't resist you in some way, she's a slut... She very likely won't lose her programming until later in life...Most guys get flaked on because they fail to leave a woman with the feeling that she simply MUST see you again. When you're asking her a power question, like the one you mention above, and she doesn't respond, which one of you do you think is the 'weird' one in that situation? Chances are, you feel it's YOU that's the weird one, even if on an , you really know it's not.This moment of doubt you have in yourself must be wiped out and eliminated. If you missed it, our teleseminar call was FANTASTIC...

So, if this flaking is about rapport, can you give me some specific ways to build it? Well, I'm not going into the whole "flaking" question again, since I've covered that to death in many previous letters.Which leads me to this: You know that women are getting more and more picky about men, and they can sniff out inferior guys with just a whiff of your confidence.And to stand out you MUST have the edge on the other guys out there.Where it hits you in the gut and makes you pace your apartment in utter revelatory disbelief. The only magic you have to add to this equation is the attitude to take action.Every guy that uses the techniques and strategies I teach is more successful than they were before, and most of them become MASSIVELY successful.In my book, no one should get married until they're either over 30, or reached the state I call .' Just catch a woman before she's so negatively jaded that she no longer believes in relationships.:) You guys will be happy to know that I am now dropping almost all of my other work in favor of creating a new program for you that is going to BLOW YOU AWAY.Also, what's up with when a woman (this happens a lot of places, but say a party, for simplicity) comes by and isn't necessarily talking to you...will get really close to your side where you're standing (happens also when posted at a club talking to a friend...she'll just sit by you for seemingly no reason) and just hang out there? -Mario "The explanation of any phenomenon should make as few assumptions as possible, eliminating, or 'shaving off,' those that make no difference in the observable predictions of the explanatory hypothesis or theory." You may remember the paraphrasing of this in the movie "Contact" where it's described as: "All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best one." In other words, don't look for anything beyond the obvious if you don't have to.It's when they really close the proximity to you and you almost HAVE to acknowledge them (if she is attractive) or risk being seen as a wussy by her and yourself. It'd be good to understand this though to add to my arsenal of wisdom you've given me to use as recon in the field. If a woman purposefully enters your sphere of influence, you - as an Alpha Man - now have permission to expand her happiness to new levels by talking to her.You're going to learn some secrets of men and women that NO ONE in the pickup community - or anywhere else - is telling you. To get the best head start on my new program, you should make sure you are working on your influence and conversation skills.The secrets of compelling communication and persuasion are easy to learn.

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