Scot mckay beyond dating advice

In my book, no one should get married until they're either over 30, or reached the state I call .' Just catch a woman before she's so negatively jaded that she no longer believes in relationships.

some great stuff from Scot Mc Kay and CJ Chandler, and we even had a special guest, Big Will Hicks, drop by and throw some awesome material our way.

I've had to take down the link to the file because of the traffic we were getting, but I hope to put it up again for you soon.

Scot and I enjoyed fielding your questions, and we hope to bring you some great new surprises in the future as we plan our next events... I have been on a 2nd date with a woman, and on a first date with another women.

Where it hits you in the gut and makes you pace your apartment in utter revelatory disbelief. The only magic you have to add to this equation is the attitude to take action.

Every guy that uses the techniques and strategies I teach is more successful than they were before, and most of them become MASSIVELY successful.

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