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Deb "wows" Benton with her amazing presentation, leaving Carter in the rear again. Benton offends Haleh, who spends her day making his job more difficult.The ER gets new crash carts, which are promptly stolen by cardiology. Hicks berates Benton when he tries to switch shifts to attend his mother's birthday party.

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When a building crashes, multiple casualties are brought in.

A teenage girl, a frequent patient of the ER, is brought in for a drug overdose. Jen accepts a job offer in Milwaukee despite Mark's offer from Morganstern.

Carol decides she wants to adopt Tatiana while Tag isn't so sure. Deb and Carter await the arrival of sub-internship applications.

Div shows signs of snapping, overreacting at the smallest provocation.

The ER gets a new aide, "Bob."Carter and Benton treat a suicidal transvestite.

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