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[...] (More)Benton makes a critical error when he publicizes the availability of a dying man's organs before obtaining the wife's permission. Carter trains one of Benton's new students, Deb Chen.Lewis discovers that Cvetic has quit his job at the hospital, moved out of his apartment, and dropped out of sight. athaway has her hands full with an emotionally challenged patient who's obsessed with colors.Deb outshines Carter after he is up all night preparing for a presentation.Peter informs Jackie he's hired a helper for his mother.

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Carol has second thoughts about moving in with Tag after a spontaneous kiss with Doug. Walt brings Benton's mother to the ER with a sprained ankle.

A doctor, who turns out to be a con artist, visits the ER to use it as a model for a new hospital, in the process offering Susan a job. Greene, Lewis, Carter & Chen work together to try to deliver Jodi O'Brien's child and save Jodi's life in a very difficult delivery.

Peter grapples with his own demons in the wake of his mother's collapse.

Carter shows his annoyance toward Benton and his stand-offish attitude.

Mark calls in sick to spend time with his wife, leaving Doug as a hectic acting chief.

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